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6 Ways to Maximize Your In-Home Storage Solutions

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If you’re having trouble organizing the space in your home, then below are six clever ways to declutter and provide ample storage for all your stuff.

Storage Bed

One of the areas that is often used but rarely organized is the space under your beds. You can, however, create the perfect storage by building or buying a base that contains shelves or drawers. A drawer bed can provide additional space for those items you want nearby while it enhances your room design with an added dimension.

Wall Dressers

Although dressers create a perfect area for storing all your clothes, a wall dresser can provide the same function while giving you extra floor space. Wall dressers are built into the wall with a sturdy frame that allows the shelves to pull out. If you can’t build your own wall dresser, then hire a professional carpenter to do it for you. You can have your dress built to your exact specifications.

Closet Cubbies

Cubby space is always high priority real estate inside a home. Cubbies can be built virtually anywhere: under the stairs, in the closet, or on top of a large desk. When creating cubbies keep in mind the size and dimension of the space you will need. Try to be specific with the kind of items you will be placing inside the cubbies.

Tool Racks

If you’re running out of places to put all your garage, lawn, and garden tools then the perfect solution is to install tool racks along the walls of the garage. Tool racks can be made from any number of materials from corkboards to shelving and wall hooks. As with other types of storage, be mindful of the amount of space you will need per item. Organize the type of tools you use from the largest to the smallest.

TV Mounts

One of the greatest space saving ideas of all time was the flat-screen TV. Modern televisions, however, have only replaced width with length. The solution: mount your TV on the wall. This eliminates the need for a gaudy space-hogging entertainment center. If you have a large number of DVD’s or media devices, then you may want to consider a flat sleek wall-mounted TV center may be your best bet.

Redesign Your Garage

Two cars can easily fill up the floor space, but you can revamp your garage and create a storage paradise by utilizing the walls. Try adding shelves and cabinets to hide your items and declutter the room. Tool racks, wall hooks, and even shower bars can hang many items up and keep them off the floor. Try to hang your items up as high as possible so that you have plenty of walk space between the vehicles.

Do you need some more ideas for creating additional storage space in your home? Then contact Stor-All. We can help you with all your storage needs regardless of how much space your items require. Call us at 251-343-6999, visit us online at, or look for us on Facebook and Twitter.

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