Should I Have a Yard Sale or Rent a Storage Unit?

Should I Have a Yard Sale or Rent a Storage Unit?

When the clutter begins to pile up and it seems like there is no end to the mess, the idea of a yard sale often comes to mind. Whether you’ve actually gone through and sorted items by their use or value, or you’ve just had the thought in your mind for a while, there are often more solutions to the issue than you first realize. If you find yourself wondering whether it’s worth it to hold that yard sale, or if it’s time to finally open up a storage unit, we’re here to help make that decision easier for you.

Start With Organization 

Before you decide on whether or not you need a storage unit versus a yard sale, it is important that you go through and clear out your space. Organize items and get rid of any garbage or unusable things you find in the process. Remember to set aside items that are of no real use or value to you and get rid of any junk that serves little to no purpose. After clearing out unused items, you will have a better idea of which items are of true value and need storing and which ones may or may not be worth donating or selling.

Carefully Consider Use 

As you organize your items, you may find it difficult to part with certain items. Sure, you don’t really use those beach chairs, but wouldn’t it be nice to have them on the off-chance you take a vacation in the next few months? Take time to carefully consider whether the items you are sorting through are actually worth keeping, which ones are seasonal and which ones you are unlikely to ever use again.

Why Not Do Both? 

If storing all the items you find after cleaning out whichever crowded space you tackled seems like an overwhelming task, it may be time for both a yard sale and a storage unit. Sometimes, you have too many items to know what to do with, and those unused things will only continue to take up valuable space in a storage unit. After you have organized your items, it’s important that you further categorize them based on which ones are of actual use to you. If you find that you have a good selection of objects that are in decent condition, but are no longer of use to you, you may consider holding a yard sale in order to downsize. After downsizing, you will find it much easier to both transport and organize items in your new storage space.

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