Reasons To Downsize Your Home

Have you thought recently about downsizing your home? Most people find themselves contemplating this decision after recently having had a life change such as your children moving off to college, leaving you with a feeling like you have ‘too much space.’

Minimalism has gained popularity in the past years as a way to simplify not only your life, but your mind as well. How so? The less we have, the less we have to think about, financially plan for, and most importantly, the less we have to clean! There are several reasons downsizing is a good idea if you’re looking to rid yourself of excess space and items.

However, a lot of people find themselves feeling stuck when making the decision to move on from their current larger space. A recent Merrill Lynch study showed 54% of surveyed people didn’t want to move because they loved their home. Understandably, you’ve shared many great memories in your home, but there are so many more memories you can make in a new space as well. Plus, you get to redecorate, which brings joy to many people.

A good way to reframe your mind is to think of it as ‘rightsizing’ vs. ‘downsizing’. If your property is too big and you’re interested in reducing your day to day costs, ‘rightsizing’ might be the correct move for you and your loved one(s). Here are seven great reasons to move into a smaller space:

Fund Your Retirement

With less financial obligations, you’ll be able to save and prepare for your retirement. If you’re already retired, you may find your income goes further in a smaller space.

Pay For Your Children’s College Tuition

As with retirement, less financial commitments in the home mean more freedom to pay their college tuition and fees, therefore reducing student loan debt.

Begin To Pay Off Debt

With downsizing you can expect in most cases to gain financially from the sale of a larger home, allowing you to make payments on any accumulated debt.

Buy A Second Vacation Home

If you aren’t currently experiencing the need to reduce debt or increase savings or retirement accumulation, you may be able to buy a smaller house to utilize for vacations in a warmer, or cooler climate.

Simplify Your Mind And Life

Less items mean more time for you, your health, and happiness.

Less Household Upgrades, Repairs And Chores

Saving time in a smaller space starts with less chores and in a downsized home, you’ll have the opportunity to have a newer space without worrying about repairs.

Help The Environment

Less square footage means less power bills. It’s great for financials but also a nice bonus for the environment. Most new homes are energy efficient as well.

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