4 Tips on Storage at the Start of School

4 Tips on Storage at the Start of School

The bells are ringing and it's time to go back to school. There are plenty of reasons to be happy that school is back in session. Everyone’s schedules are in sync, the weather is starting to cool and the house is empty! Finally, your home gets to enjoy some peace and quiet, but that joy quickly fades away when your house is still cluttered with new school supplies, important health and registration documents and sports gear during your family’s back-to-school hustle and bustle. Here are some tips to learn on storing away items neatly this busy time of year so you can concentrate on what you need to.

Keep Books Protected

Once you’ve been shopping for your kids’ required book reading, you’ve got to keep your new purchases in great condition. Books can get expensive and need that extra protection, especially if you are renting yours for just a few months and plan to sell them later on. Keep them safe and away from spills, dust and pets by storing them in plastic bins with a safety lid.

Finished Art, Projects and Memories

Don’t let those A+ finished science projects go to waste. Store them for future reference or store away your children’s work of art, awards and achievements as memorabilia. When making room for your soon-to-be Nobel prize winner’s newest projects, make sure to use laminate to protect thin paper from ripping and store them in a folder accordingly. Use trash bags to cover science boards and wrap any trophies with bubble wrap to prevent from breaking.

File Away Important Documents

Keep your children’s vaccine, testing, transcripts and report card records safe in binders and label accordingly. Store the binders inside of filing cabinets. These important documents may be needed for proof of completion to graduate, grades, field trips, other doctor appointments and more.

After-School Sports Gear

After-school sports are a fun way to keep active. However, it takes just one kid’s stuff to clutter a home. Sports gear can take up more space than you’d believe. Store gear away such as cones, jerseys, protection pads, nets, balls, etc, in a tub or locker container. And keep the smelly stuff outside. Use heavy-duty command hooks to hang helmets or other bulky material on the walls. Command hooks are easy to use and can be removed easily without damaging/making any holes. Safe racks such as garage shelving are great for storing all sports gear in plastic bins and any coolers for those soccer summer days.

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