Climate-Controlled Storage

What is Climate-Controlled Storage?

Think of climate-controlled Storage Units as "temperature controlled" – cooled in the summer and heated in the winter.
Climate-controlled storage units are necessary when storing items you would normally keep indoors. It may cost more than a traditional storage unit, but the benefits outweigh the costs when your items need heated and cooled environments.

Planning to visit your storage unit frequently. Storing your items for a long period of time. Storing extremely valuable or climate-sensitive items. Call Beltline or Security Stor-All today to get organized: Security (251) 660-0366 Beltline (251) 343-6999

Examples of Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-control will protect against humidity that could damage internal components.

Highly recommended if you’re storing wedding dresses, vintage clothing, designer items, etc.

Most furniture has some organic material on it, making it prime breeding ground for mold and mildew. climate-control will protect against both long-term damage and unpleasant odors.

The top priority here is keeping your books dry. If you live in a humid area, get climate-control to protect against mold and mildew.

Many storage facilities offer storage lockers specifically catered to optimal wine storage.

An absolute must for keeping your instruments in playable condition.

We have all seen the antique appraisal shows where an item would have been worth ten, fifteen, or a hundred times its appraised value had it been cared for properly. There is something to be said for putting temperature sensitive items into a climate-controlled unit.

We all know that the most expensive items need climate-control. Your uncle’s Mustang or Corvette doesn’t belong in the barn. The Picasso that your grandmother left you may not suit your living room décor, but you don’t want to lay it against the post in the attic.

Let’s talk for one moment about all the old negatives and photos that you amassed last year when you started asking the whole family for their old prints. Genealogy is great, but you won’t have time to scan all those photos until you retire in a few years. Goodness, there are a lot of them! But you sure don’t want to traipse to the attic to get them only to find that the photos are yellowed, and (for that matter) two whole boxes are chewed up and smell like rodents!

Are you one of those collectors who seems to have every picture and craft that your child ever made? You don’t want to toss them because it will be fun someday to sit down and look at them with your child, but they sure do take up some space. Allocate a few shelves at the climate-controlled storage unit, and you now have freed up closet space at home.

There isn’t much we can’t take care of for you! Your “stuff” is important to us. From a small unit for a few books or photos to your uncle’s collector car, we provide the protection needed. We will keep it as though it were ours, and you can come and get it anytime you like.

Come on down to one of our locations and let us show you the options we have available for climate-controlled storage

You may decide that you don’t need three filing cabinets of business papers in your home office. Sort, box and label those files, and take them to your climate-controlled unit where they will be as safe tomorrow as they are today. Now they are out of your way and you will have more room to maneuver. Studies do show that a clean and organized workspace increases productivity.

Oh, and while you are on a roll, there are so many other things that would love a home away from home! Your Christmas decorations are only used once a year and the climate-controlled unit is a great place for them. Our units are sealed and safe from pests, so you won’t get any surprises when you open the boxes and totes next December.

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