Non-Climate Controlled Storage

Non-Climate Controlled Storage

The main considerations when considering standard storage, or non-climate controlled storage are temperature and humidity. If you would store an item in your garage, you can store it in a traditional, non-climate controlled unit. These garage-like units will react to the temperature and humidity outside the unit just like your home garage. Cold in winter, hot in summer.

Standard storage is less expensive and sometimes easier to access. It is often located on the outside on the building so you don’t have to walk through a hallway to access your belongings. These non-climate controlled storage units are a quick easy way to clean out your garage, attic, or carport.
If you are relocating and your property will be stored for a short time (possibly a year or less), you should be fine with non-climate controlled storage.
If you are looking for a place to park the patio furniture and grill during the winter, or to house the kid’s toys that he or she no longer plays with until the next one is born, a standard unit will suffice.

Examples of Non-Climate Controlled Storage

If you have items that are between family members (such as toys and clothes) but you are not done having your family, you should be fine with a non-climate controlled unit.

If you promised your wife that you would get the garage cleaned out before winter so she can park her car in it, but you haven’t had time to really organize, then a traditional, non-climate controlled unit will be your saving grace.

You can also store your out-of-season clothes in a non-climate controlled unit. It will meet your needs.

If you just cleaned out your grandparent’s home and you still have to sort all of their belongings, you should be fine with non-climate controlled storage. If you find items that need climate-control, you can take care of it then.

If the HOA says you can’t leave your third vehicle on the property without tags, but you haven’t decided whether to fix it or sell it, you can store the car in a standard storage unit.

If your son or daughter is in college and you have all of their stuff, but you really want to turn the bedroom into a home office, consider storing everything in a non-climate controlled unit.

If you are renovating the house and are tired of tripping over furniture, moving it here and there, bring it down to our self-storage. It’s only for a short period of time, so a non-climate controlled unit will work for you.

If you are involved in an outdoor business and your garage and back yard overflow with materials and tools, then you could store these items in a traditional unit.

There are many times that a non-climate controlled environment is just fine, and we have shown you several of them. We have units of all sizes available. We can hold a few items for you, or put your 3000-square-foot house full of “everything” under lock and key until you are ready for it.

Give us a call or come on by. We have your unit waiting.

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