Storage Tips

Use quality boxes and always pack them completely so they don’t collapse when stacked.

Number or label boxes for easy identification.

Place a protection barrier between concrete floor and your belongings.

Leave air space between items and the walls for ventilation.

Make sure you secure your unit with a superior lock.

Place items you are going to access the most in the front of the unit, and the ones you will never need during your stay, in the rear of the unit.

For security purposes, place the most valuable items at the back of the storage unit.

Shelving helps to maximize the access of your items.

Be sure everything you pack is clean and dry to prevent mold and mildew.

Always put the heavy items on the bottom and light or awkward items on the top.

Do not store perishables, such as food.

Do not store flammable items such as fireworks or gasoline.

Visit your unit periodically to check the condition of it and your possessions.

Sweep out the unit at times.

Thoroughly clean, disinfect and dry refrigerators, freezers, stoves and other appliances.

You want to make sure, if space allows, to leave an aisle for easy access to the items in the rear of the unit. Be sure to clean and dry all electrical equipment before storing in your unit.

Retard rust by wiping down all types of metal surfaces before storing. Use a few drops of machine oil to lightly coat these items for preventing rust and possible deterioration in the storage unit.

Pack all books, files, and documents flat, and use bubble wrap or newspaper to fill any empty spaces in the boxes or totes.

Store clothing on hangers before folding them into cartons. Make sure all drapes, curtains, linens and clothing items are washed and dry, or dry cleaned to avoid attracting pests.

Use bubble wrap and other packing materials when storing dishes and glassware. Pack similar items in the same box and fill empty spaces with packing peanuts, bubble wrap or newspaper.

Disassemble furniture and place pieces on a corrugated cardboard mat or plastic sheet before placing on a pallet.

Stack lightweight chairs “seat to seat”, but avoid stacking other types of furniture on top of each other. Cover all upholstery with light cotton dust covers.

Wrap lamp bases in padding and store the lamp shade and base separately.

Holiday decorations can be stored in their original cartons. Wrap glass ornaments and other delicate items in bubble wrap or newspaper before storing in boxes or totes.

CDs, tapes, records and other music items can be stored in boxes or airtight cartons to prevent damage.

Cover computer screens and large televisions screens with dust covers and wrap in bubble wrap if you are storing these items next to furniture and other equipment.

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