5 Best Storage Solutions for Your Holiday Decorations

Tis’ the season for decorations that help bring the holiday spirit into your home. However, once the season has ended, putting those holiday decorations away can be a bit of a hassle. Taking proper care of your decorations is important to make sure they can be used in the years to come. Therefore, homeowners should remain diligent about how to best store their items. Keep reading for our five best storage solutions and how they can help benefit you in the years to come!

Artificial Trees
If you are one of the many homeowners who choose to use an artificial tree, it can last years to come with proper care. When it comes to storing an artificial tree be sure to take the weight of the tree into account. Some are extremely heavy and may be hard to carry up to an attic. If you have a heavy artificial tree, try storing it in the garage or in a storage unit to make putting away and getting it out easier.

Ornament Storage
Putting away ornaments can be a bit of a pain; especially if your ornaments aren’t shatterproof. Use an ornament storage container to safely store your ornaments, rather than just putting them in a tub or box. An ornament storage container has layers filled with empty spaces that allow room for the ornament and extra protection. The container also has padding and dividers that make putting them away much easier!

Christmas Lights
There is nothing more frustrating than pulling out your Christmas lights only to find out they are all tangled together. Unraveling lights can seem to take forever and put a dull on the decorating spirit. Save yourself the time and frustration by storing light strands in a specialized system that keeps them wound and untangled. It’s also a good idea to store lights in a cooler, dark place to prevent any damage or fading.

Holiday Wreaths
Wreaths are not cheap, which is all the more reason for wanting to have them for years to come. Be sure to store your wreath in a hard, plastic case to protect it from dust or becoming crushed. Plus, the case will make it easy to identify when looking for it next year.

Wrapping Paper Storage
Storing wrapping paper supplies should not include throwing everything into a closet. Rather than cramming your supplies away, purchase a gift wrap organizer! These organizers have room for wrapping paper, ribbons, bags, bows and all of your leftover supplies that can be used next year.

Save yourself a holiday headache by following the above smart storage tips! Not only will it save you time next holiday season, but it will also help ensure the safety of your decorations for many years to come.

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