5 Creative Ways to Organize the Kitchen

5 Creative Ways to Organize the Kitchen

January is National “Get Your Home Organized!” Month! Let’s start with the kitchen!

The kitchen is a special place in the home that can often bring families together; that being said, it’s very easy for it to go from squeaky clean one minute to downright mayhem the next minute. The average kitchen stores everything from canned goods and spices in the cupboards, to toaster ovens and blenders on the counters. Kitchens can either be lofty with plenty of cabinets and storage, or rather diminutive with only a limited amount of space available. Regardless of the size of your kitchen it is essential to set up some type of prearranged system to keep the heart of your home flowing happily.

1) Storage Containers

Storage containers can be purchased in all different shapes and sizes. However, if you are trying to make the most of your food pantry space consider buying several clear containers in the same shape and size; this enables you to stack the containers up and still be able to see what is inside them. Another great tip is to label the containers. You can keep it simple by using permanent markers, or let your artistic side show by using chalk board paint and labeling them with chalk. There are also storage holders for canned goods; these are really wonderful if you tend to buy your canned foods in bulk.

2) Magnetic Spice Rack

It can be rather difficult to find a particular cooking ingredient when your seasoning mixes and spices are all thrown into in a drawer or cupboard. Magnetic spice racks can make the searching process much faster while freeing up cabinet space since these racks can be placed on your fridge or hung up on the wall. There are many ways to get this done; you can choose to purchase a magnetic spice rack that is ready to be displayed, or get crafty and decide to make your own. If your family cooks often and uses an assortment of seasoning and spices, then this is a great way to organize them all.

3) Magazine Rack Storage

Think outside the box when using magazine racks; most of them are sturdily built and can often hold more than magazines only. These specialty racks are a really neat way to store your kitchen cookware or produce. Magazine racks can be hung on the inside of pantry door or an open space on the wall. There is a wide variety of magazine racks to choose from given that they can be made out of wood, metal, or plastic. Therefore, finding one that fits your space and gets the job done should be a piece of cake.

4) Cooking Essentials Basket

Create an all-in-one cooking essentials basket to evade the chaos of hunting down food prepping basics, for instance, riffling through messy drawers for cooking utensils. Select a basket that is perfect for your counter space and has the appropriate size to store your everyday cooking supplies, for example: spatulas, spoons, whisks, cooking oils, and seasonings. There are really no rules when it comes to putting your kitchen basket together; let your cooking preferences be your guide.

5) Over-the-Sink Shelf

These ingenious shelves have the ability to generate more space by conforming to the correct width and height in order to fit flawlessly over your kitchen sink. The over-the-sink shelf gives you a great place to hold your dish soap, hand lotion, drying towels, and cleaning sponges. There are many shelf options to choose from so you can purchase one based on your personal tastes and have it match your kitchen décor.

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