5 Tips to Fully Use your Storage Space

5 Tips to Fully Use your Storage Space

People use storage units for many different reasons. Some use them to help them move, some use them to help their business, and some just use it to save space in their home. With all the different uses for a storage unit and all the different things you can put into a storage unit, they can become disorganized and chaotic very quickly. You may have bought a large storage unit and it gets filled quicker than you expected. While you may be getting a great deal on your storage space, it still costs money. So, for whatever reason you use a storage space and for whatever you store, you want to make sure and get your money’s worth and use your storage space to it’s maximum efficiency and capacity. Here are 5 tips on just how to do that.

1. Stack boxes strategically

Put larger and heavier boxes on the bottom and smaller, lighter boxes on top. This may sound like common sense but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this. Larger boxes on top could cause you to crush some of your items or could cause boxes to topple over and either cause injuries or just make a mess. Also stacking similarly shaped and sized boxes together will allow you to use the space effectively.

2. Label boxes completely

Simply putting ‘Living Room’ or ‘Dishes’ on the outside of the box may not be enough to discern exactly what is in the box. Also, a box that once held your ‘Kitchen Supplies’ may now hold old books. If the boxes are labelled improperly, you could waste a lot of time opening boxes and searching for your items when you need them. So make sure whatever label you have on the box is current and fully describes what is in the box.

3. Create small paths so you can access everything

When you are spending money on a storage unit, you want to fill it up as much as possible. One problem with that is what if you need to get to one of your old high school yearbooks that you thought you wouldn’t need to go through for years so you put it all the way in the back. Now you have to move all your other stuff to get back to it. One way to keep this from happening is to organize your boxes and things so there are small paths that go all the way to the back so you can access everything.

4. Place all large items along the walls

Placing your larger items along the walls allows you to see more of your things as well as helps with creating the paths to access your items. If it’s easier to see all of your items it’ll save you time when searching through your storage unit.

5. Use clear containers with lids

Using clear containers allows you to see into your containers and easily spot your items that you are looking for. Also, using containers with lids on them will make them easier to stack. This again, may seem like common sense, but some people just don’t think about these things.

These are just five tips to help you use your storage unit effectively and to its full capacity.

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