7 Security Features to Look for in a Storage Unit

7 Security Features to Look for in a Storage Unit

Storage units come in great use when you have belongings that are taking up way too much room and need to be put away for the time being. Whether it be sports equipment, furniture, family antiques, etc., storage units save you from having to sell the items that need to be stored away until you need them.

There is one key factor that you need to check up on before choosing to do business with any storage unit provider. It has to deal with the security of your belongings in said storage unit, making sure the one you are choosing to store your items is actually safe enough to contain these items. And that is exactly why we have created this quick guide to lead you in the right direction when choosing your storage facility provider.

Gated entrance/exit

To start off the list of recommended security features when choosing a storage unit, we begin with a very basic, yet extremely effective feature: security gates. Security gates can be made out of various materials, but they all do one important job: keeping the people who should not be in the complex out!

Alarm system

There are different types of alarm systems that storage providers may use in order to protect your belongings. Having just one of these types of systems is definitely something you should look into when deciding on where to store your items. The alarm system will either alert the local authorities or the facility that someone is doing something they should not be doing.

Surveillance cameras

The next important security feature to look out for is security cameras! It is very important that the provider has cameras that are installed and working around the premises. There should be cameras adequately covering the gates, main office, and all the storage units. Ask to see where the cameras are positioned to ensure they provide a clear view of your potential unit.


Even though some people may not even begin to think about the lighting at the complex, it is actually quite important for the security of your items and for your personal safety! If you are accessing your unit at night, you want to be able to clearly see your surroundings. The extra visibility will also help detour potential burglars.

On-site guard

Either management or a hired guard should consistently be checking on the premises to ensure that nothing is going awry. Extra security keeping an eye out on the units is something that should make you feel a lot safer when accessing your unit or leaving valuables when you are away. Seeing people constantly walking around the complex will deter any illegal activities from occurring.

Fire/smoke alarms

Asking about fire and smoke alarms is a no-brainer when seeking out information a particular storage unit provider. You want the facility to be able to keep your items safe and away from harm, this cannot be done if there is no alarm to alert the incoming dangers of something such as a fire.


Does the facility offer some type of insurance? You will want an insurance that covers the loss or damage to your items by theft, weather, animals, and natural disasters.

Hopefully, these tips will help you keep organized and take the stress out of decorating your home for the holidays!

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