How to use storage to organize seasonal items

Creating more storage in your home doesn’t have to be an expensive investment. It can be as simple as recognizing where you have extra space and figuring out what materials are best to make those spaces work for you! Here are six simple but efficient ideas for do-it-yourself organization and storage projects in your home, brought to you by Beltline and Security Stor-alls!


How to use storage to organize seasonal items

This material is a stylish and practical way to create storage space in your home. Pegboard is often used internally to create headboards, but leaving the pegboard exposed is a trendy and fun way to organize your bedroom. A pegboard backsplash in your kitchen is also a convenient storage and a fun statement piece all in one! And don’t forget you can also utilize a more traditional nailed-to-the-wall approach to store tools.

Tension Rods

Tension Rods Tension Rods

A tension rod can be used to create storage in empty vertical spaces. Kitchen cabinets, underneath sinks, closets, and even bathroom showers are all locations in your home that are most likely underutilizing space. They can be craftily maneuvered to organize pans, pots, lids, and Tupperware in your kitchen. They can also be hung vertically to organize soaps and self-care products.

Jewelry Storage

Jewelry Storage Jewelry Storage

Acquiring fashion pieces is the fun part – trying to store your jewelry? Not so much. Laundry pins are a great way to store your necklaces without harming the delicate chains. Different kinds of wire can be glued or stapled into picture frames to turn your jewelry collection into a fashionable piece of home décor. But you don’t have to invest in new materials to find a storage solution; just use any coat hanger!

Shoe Storage

Shoe Storage

You can’t skimp on shoes, so don’t skimp on shoe storage! Footwear reflects your own personal taste, so creative ways to store them only makes sense. You can find a hollow ottoman at most furniture stores. Use cute, patterned fabric and a staple gun to make a hidden show compartment. If you want to show off your shoe collection, use crown molding to hang your shoes along the wall to create a fun display.

Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Storage

Kitchens come with cabinets and pantries, but we can’t seem to find enough storage for all our cooking and baking needs. A clever way to create more storage is by attaching magnets on the underside of shelves and placing spices or other necessities in containers with metal lids. You can also attach magnet strips to the wall to store knives and other metal appliances.

Laundry Storage

Laundry Storage Laundry Storage

Few things are as frustrating as losing the second half to your favorite sock. Use laundry pins to hang your socks until they can find their mate. If you have an excess of wall space, mount your laundry table to the wall and simply fold it out when your need to iron. You can also lay shelving across front-loading laundry machines to create a folding table or extra storage.

Home improvements don’t have to be expensive. Sometimes little fixes make huge improvements in the quality of your day-to-day life. And DIY projects are always fun, too! If you need extra storage space in the Mobile, Alabama area, contact Security or Beltline Stor-all today!

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