Tips for Storing Your Summer Items During Fall

Tips for Storing Your Summer Items During Fall

Say goodbye to the heat of summer and get ready for the cool down of fall. It’s time to start making room in your house for your fall decorations and shifting your summer items into your storage unit. Let’s start with the outside of your house and work our way in:

Backyard Items

As the weather begins to cool down, some of your outside items may work best during warm times of the year. For example, children’s outside play toys can become a warm, comfy attraction for wildlife in need of protection from ridged weather during the season change.

Also, did you know that an inflatable pool will last longer if it is put up during fall and winter? Putting it up now inside of your storage unit can save you some money for next summer. A grill that you don’t use during the colder months also holds up better out of harsh, changing weather. Outside patio furniture lasts longer when safely stored in a climate-controlled unit, rather than out in the open and in the sun for the cold months without much use.

Garage Space

You don’t want your summer items to crowd your garage as you set up for cooler weather that comes with the fall.

Seasonal lawn equipment can be put away until next spring. There is no reason it should take up your much-needed room when it could be stowed away in your storage unit. Also, that bike collection your family has will likely be of less use during the cold months than they would be during the warmer months. Keeping them in a safe unit will help protect them against weather and wear. Even your fishing poles can be put up in a unit until next spring, along with your camping tents and tackle boxes, to help free up even more space in your garage.

Closet Cleaning

We both know that you are not gonna be able to wear your hot summer clothes during the chilly days of fall. Gather all of your clothes that you will not need for fall and winter and put them in your storage unit. You can also store your clothes with a strategy so that you do not struggle to find them inside of your unit.

For example, you can use plastic bins with tight-fitting lids to help keep your clothes protected. These bins can be labeled for your specific purposes. A tote just for your shoes is also good to have. By doing this, your sandals, slip-ons and flip-flops will be organized together. If you would like to keep your clothes wrinkle-free over the season, you can invest in a hanger rack that has wheels for easy mobilization, while being transported from your unit to your house.

As the warm months are fun, it’s nice to have a break and cool down for a bit. Beltline and Security Stor-All‘s is ready to help you keep your items safe and a storage unit for fall. We hope that you would consider us to serve you. Contact us today by visiting our website

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