Best Way to Store Valuables in Non-Climate Controlled Spaces

Best Way to Store Valuables in Non-Climate Controlled Spaces

Non-climate controlled spaces are typically cheaper and more accessible than climate-controlled storage units, so many people opt to store their valuable items in a non-climate controlled unit. However, just because your items are stored in a unit does not guarantee they will be safe from the natural humidity that occurs within our state (and we know how humid it gets here!). You have to take extra precautions to ensure the longevity and safety of your moisture-sensitive items. We’ve compiled a list of safety precautions to take when storing valuables in non-climate controlled units.

Location Matters  

You might think that all storage units are affected by the weather in the same way, but actually, the location of the unit plays a big role in how greatly they are affected. When choosing your unit, opt for one that is either in the shade or one that faces a hallway. These units are often drier and a bit cooler, which makes them a friendlier place to store your valuables. Also, ensure to clean your storage unit before moving in to prevent pets from taking over your belongings.

Packing your valuable items in a non-climate controlled storage unit is a bit of a gamble, so you need to ensure you’re packing your items in the best way possible so you can optimize their safety. Here are our recommendations:

  • Wrap your valuables
    Before putting everything into boxes, wrap your items in layers of plastic, bubble wrap or even plastic bags to protect them from humidity. The more layers there are, the better protected your items will be.
  • Cover everything up
    You’ll want to cover your valuables up with a plastic sheet, especially if you have wooden furniture. If you don’t have the box that goes with some of your items, make sure it’s covered with layers of plastic. This will ensure your items will be safe and better protected from humidity.
  • Furniture
    Furniture will need to be taken apart, waxed, and fully dried before covering it up. Also, be sure to add extra layers of protection to prevent scratching from occurring. If you plan on storing any non-wooden furniture or even mattresses, be sure to vacuum them thoroughly and dry them completely.
  • Electronic Media
    While everything else on this list is advised to be wrapped in plastic, electronics are the exception. Using plastic on your electronics could cause damage to your consoles. To store electronics, use their original packaging and put wrapping paper in all of the empty spaces.

Final Tips 

Avoid using cardboard boxes and instead opt for using plastic bins, as they are more protective against moisture. Make sure all your items are air-dry before storing them and disassemble any large items you plan on storing. You can also cover your entire storage unit with plastic sheets to moisture-proof the unit. This may take a bit of time to do, but it’s worth it to ensure the longevity of your valuables.

When it comes to non-climate controlled storage, there are many precautions you can take to better protect your valuables against the humidity, such as wrapping your valuables, disassembling furniture and covering your storage unit in sheets of plastic. If your item would be safe in a garage, it will be safe in a non-climate controlled unit.

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