Choosing the Right Size Storage Unit

Choosing the Right Size Storage Unit

When renting a storage unit, one of the things you will want to consider is the size. When you select your unit you will be able to see the square footage and an approximation of how many “rooms” it will hold. This information can be useful as an estimation but it’s good to consider a few other things before deciding which size you need.

Will you need to access your items during their stay in the storage unit?

If you are storing items short-term or storing seasonal items, chances are you will need to access them at some point. If so, it is important to leave clear pathways to be able to walk safely through the unit. It is also smart to leave items you will need to access towards the front of the unit.

If you are storing your items long-term or will not be accessing them until they are removed from the unit you don’t really need to take walkability into consideration and could use a smaller unit.

Is there room for ventilation?

You will want to leave space between the items and the walls of the storage unit for ventilation, especially with longer-term rentals. If units are not properly ventilated your items could get mildewy or even moldy, which is a hassle you don’t want to deal with. You will want to account for this space when looking at the size of your unit.

Can you maximize your storage space?

You can often get away with a smaller unit if you maximize your storage space. Things like shelving, evenly shaped boxes and smart stacking will help you to get the most out of your storage unit no matter what size it may be.

When in doubt, go a little bigger!

If you aren't quite sure what size you need, feel like you’re in between sizes or might want to add more items later it’s always a good idea to get a larger unit. The extra space will give you peace of mind when accessing your items and it will ensure you have plenty of room. There’s simply nothing worse than getting the majority of your stuff in and running out of room only to have to upgrade and move everything.

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