Garage Storage Tips for Father’s Day

What better gift for dad on Father’s Day than the ability to actual park his car in the garage? If your garage is currently filled with everything but that, we may be able to help you out! Organizing professionals estimate that only 30 percent of people keep their cars in their garage! The reason behind this is because so many people fill the garage with everything they decided they didn’t need when unpacking. It could take an entire day, or a full weekend, but once you declutter your garage you will be so much happier to have that extra space. Keep reading below for tips on how to improve your garage storage.

First and foremost, you should go through and clean out the garage. You need to determine what items you can store together like gardening supplies, sports gear, household tools, paints, garbage, and more. Once you have gone through these items, you should create three piles! Recycle, throw away, and donate! After you have sorted your items into these piles, it is time to clean! Clean your garage from top to bottom. You should use this time to remove stains from the concrete floors and paint the walls.

Now it is time to devise a plan! It doesn’t have to be the most spectacular drawing you have ever done, but you should determine how much room you’ll need to fit your car in the garage. Create zones for the things you are storing and keep in mind some of these may overlap with shelves and storage.

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You should decide what storage options you would like to include in the garage. Will you need bicycle hangers? Or will you be using shelves to store items? You should base this off of the items that need to be stored.

Once you have decided what your plan is and what options you’d like to use for storage. You should keep your lawn and garden tools off the floor. You can do this by using rail mounts and adding hooks to hang your tools. If after organizing, you still don’t have space you should consider adding a garden shed. Put your trash and recycling bins in an easy to reach area and be sure to make the path to the curb an easy one! Keep items that you use often in an easy to reach area and use plastic storage bins so you can see everything easily.

While this Father’s Day gift may take some time, we are sure your Dad will love it!

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