How Do You Know Which Storage Unit You Need?

Looking to purchase a storage unit but don’t know which size or what type you need? With so many options available, you want to make sure that you are not paying for things you do not need while ensuring that your belongings will fit and be well protected.

5’ x 5’ x 8’ - the size of a walk-in closet, this unit is great for storing extra items, seasonal decor and clothing and miscellaneous boxes.

5’ x 10’ x 8’ - big enough to hold 1-2 large pieces of furniture. Great for storing a small bedroom or office, 10-15 boxes, even bicycles or a motorcycle.

5’ x 15’ x 8’ - large enough to store a one bedroom apartment, excluding major appliances.

10’ x 10’ x 8’ - the size of an average family room, this unit is large enough to store furniture from a living room as well as two to three bedrooms.

10’ x 15’ x 8’ - good for storing two to three bedrooms. This unit is ideal for holding larger items such as televisions, pianos, couches and tables.

10’ x 20’ x8’ - great for storing a full house. Can hold three or four bedrooms worth of belongings as well as larger appliances like washers, dryers and refrigerators. Can also hold many average sized vehicles.

10’ x 30’ x 8’ - ideal for storing large houses as well as trailers and boats. Holds five bedrooms worth of belongings as well as large items like entertainment centers, refrigerators and couches.

Temperature Controlled - keeps the temperature inside the unit within a ten-degree margin. Protects your belongings from harsh winters and sweltering summers.

Climate Controlled - controls the temperature and the humidity levels inside the unit. Perfect for storing fragile items that may break, warp or mold due to too much or too little humidity.

Beltline and Security Stor-Alls has these unit sizes and more for you to choose from as well as climate controlled options to better protect your belongings.

Still not sure the size you need? Give us a call or stop by so our storage professionals can assist you in your decision. We have units from small to large, that are climate controlled. You may only need us for a few months, or you may find that our units fit your long-term plans. Give us a call or come see us and protect your treasures! Check out Beltline and Security on Facebook or visit us online at!

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