How to Choose the Right Storage Bins and Boxes for Storage

How to Choose the Right Storage Bins and Boxes for Storage

If organizing is not your forte, then choosing the right storage bins and boxes for storage might be a bit of a struggle. Decluttering, for example, requires a strategic organizational plan to not only help get rid of things you do not need anymore but also to help make efficient use of what is left. It is always helpful to know how to choose the right storage bins and boxes, especially if you are moving or renting a self-storage unit.

Use see-through bins

Seeing what items you have with clear see-through bins makes it easier and faster to find what you are looking for. Bins come in a variety of lengths and sizes, so you are bound to find one that fits your everyday personal items. Simply use tags or labels to differentiate the names for each bin. Plastic bins help contain messes without leaks and are easy to clean. For self-storage units, you can easily stack the bins as they are lightweight. As always, use packing supplies to help secure the items beforehand to prevent spilling or breaking.

Buy boxes for designated items

When it comes to cardboard boxes, there are designated boxes for items that many packing supply stores now sell. Since boxes have a tendency to bend and fold during transportation or with heavier items, boxes are now made sturdier for items that need it. There are boxes that are able to hold hangers with clothes and include a built-in rod. Other boxes are designed to hold heavier electronics or books. Packing supply stores will carry boxes that have specifications on the weight capacity each one holds. There are also visible lines to make labeling easier.

Use your best judgment

Most storage items can be placed in either boxes or bins. Some people may choose to store items in baskets, but those are recommended for indoor use only. When choosing between boxes and bins for self-storage, it is important to use your best judgment. Shoes, for example, maybe better off in bins to retain any water or bugs from seeping through. Seasonal decor that is unbreakable could easily be stored in boxes. With any self-storage solutions, you should go with what works best for you and your items. Individuals who are worried about items becoming damaged in self-storage could choose a climate-controlled unit instead to better conserve personal belongings instead of containers or even out in the open.

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