How to Make Unpacking a Breeze

Moving is no small feat. Sometimes moves take place in a big hurry. Other times, you’re able to take your time choosing a new home. However, in either case, unpacking in the new home can be made easier with a few simple tweaks. Here on the Gulf Coast, moving in the spring and summer heat is especially taxing. Today, we will help by giving you simple suggestions to implement on your next move of how to make unpacking a breeze. Get the move behind you and take these tips to make your house a home in no time.

1: Organize by Room

Being organized while packing up is very important for any move. However, being just as well organized as you unpack is important, too. While packing up, label each box with a sharpie pen or labeler by room (e.g., “Kitchen” or “Kids Room”). This way makes unpacking a breeze by unloading each box and placing it in the labeled room. It does not take any extra time to place a box in a given room over piling it up in the doorway, yet this simple change means a big difference in getting settled in the new place. With this first tip, this is one of the quickest ways to organize your new home.

2: First Rooms First

It’s hard to feel at home without the kitchen and at least one bathroom in place. These are the very first rooms to get unpacked completely. Other than these rooms, you can live out of a suitcase for one or two nights as you would in a hotel. However, with the bathroom in place and kitchen in place, you will feel right at home. Simply unpack towels, toiletries and bathroom essentials and set up shop in at least one bathroom. Likewise, do the same in the kitchen. If this task feels daunting, set a timer and make a game of it. Bathroom unpacking is a good job for little ones because few bathroom items are breakable.

3: Discard or Recycle

Moving is tough enough without a load of empty moving containers on your hands. Make your move a breeze by starting two piles right away. As each box is unpacked it goes into a “discard” or “recycle” pile kept out of the way. These piles could be in a garage, a side yard or the bed of a truck. The main point is that they are taken out of the mental and physical work of unpacking as soon as they are empty.

4: Discard or Recycle: 2.0

Hopefully, as you packed your previous home away, unused items were given away or disposed of. However, sometimes homes are packed up in a hurry with no time to spare. If this describes your situation, you will love our fourth tip. Speaking of #3 above, if you packed up in a hurry, unpacking is a good time to place unused items in two piles: discard or recycle. In this case, recycle is for donation. Unused or broken household items and toys get taken out of the circulation in your new home. This will give everyone a fresh start.

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