How to Effectively Load Your Uhaul

How to Effectively Load Your Uhaul

Renting a Uhaul is a helpful way to transport possessions without having to hire a moving company. Uhaul offers trucks in multiple sizes. This makes it easy to pick the best truck for a move. Uhaul starts with a pick-up truck as their smallest option and reaches all the way up to their largest truck at 26 feet long. If you are unsure what size is best for your move, visit Uhaul’s size chart here. Always call the Uhaul Mobile, AL office if there is any confusion on what size you need.

In the week before your move, create a list of supplies you will need to pack the truck. Go through the day in your mind to make sure you have everything you may need. Some common items needed on moving days are:

  • Dolly (to assist with loading and unloading the truck)
  • Straps (to hold down furniture that needs to stay still throughout the trip)
  • A Tarp or Oversized Cloth (to line the bottom of the truck)
  • Toolkit
  • Packing Tape
  • Sharpies

Before loading the truck, pad the floors to protect furniture from being damaged in transport. If pieces are fragile or need to be protected from scratches, wrap these ahead of time in protective cloth to ensure safe travel.

Evenly distributing the weight in the vehicle is needed to ensure the truck does not tilt, which can cause damage. The heaviest pieces like a washer and dryer or larger boxes should be loaded first in the back of the truck. Prepare ahead of time by selecting these pieces and evenly distribute them on the left and right sides. Any larger pieces of furniture that can be disassembled should be taken apart to allow easy packing into the truck. This includes removing cushions from sofas or removing drawers from dressers. For pieces that cannot be taken apart, try to utilize the space as best as possible like you are assembling a puzzle. Mattresses and box springs can be lined vertically along the sides to stay out of the way and keep furniture from sliding into the sides of the truck. Desks and tables can store boxes underneath and on top like a shelf.

Any possessions that will be needed for moving day should be loaded last and placed at the front of the truck inside the cab for easy access. This may include personal items like deodorant or a phone charger. Smaller items that may be needed to be accessed quickly on the day of the move should be kept on you.

After assembling all the larger pieces and separating what items will be kept out of the truck, begin filing in holes and open spaces with smaller items. Cushions, pillows and blankets are great options to fill space and keep items from sliding around.

Moving can seem daunting and packing the truck can seem like a difficult hurdle, but with the right preparation and forethought, it will be a smooth transition into your next home.

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