Moving into a Smaller Home

Moving into a Smaller Home

There are many reasons why you might choose to downsize your home. Empty nesters choose smaller homes to reduce the amount of work required to keep a larger home. Retirees may choose a new location in which to enjoy their retirement. Regardless of the reason why you need to downsize, there will be a sudden realization of just how many belongings you have accumulated through the years! So how do you go about scaling them down adequately? Here are a few tips!


To make the job easier and less stressful, begin by planning in detail each step. Don’t wait! As soon as you have made the choice, begin decluttering your home. You might wish to enlist the help of a friend or family member.


Place everything you own into four categories, and place absolutely everything in one of these categories: Love it, give it, sell it, donate it. The best way to do this to use the 12 month rule. Unless the item is sentimental, if you haven’t worn or used that item in the last 12 months, it’s time to part with it. There may be items that we know a friend or a family member has admired through the years. Give the item to them if it’s something they will love or need.

Sell larger items or collectibles and use that money towards newer smaller furniture items. You may choose to contact a local antiques dealer or a vintage shop. Furniture, kitchen, and other items from the 50s and 60s are especially in demand. Items such as these can easily be sold by a reputable dealer, or purchased outright by them for resale. Memorabilia may be donated to a local museum. Any item that has a ‘story’ can be displayed in the museum. Both sports, and historical items can be preserved for future generations to enjoy. These items may also be purchased by collectors.
Eliminate by Need

In the kitchen, most of us have multiples of certain items, such as cooking utensils, dozens of coffee cups, and glasses. Appliances that are not used should be eliminated as well. In the bathroom, eliminate unused bottles of any products, and keep only a basic amount of towels. Most women have more than one curling iron, flat iron, or hair dryer. Eliminate all but the one you use daily. If it doesn’t fit into the new home, either by size, color, or design, get rid of it!

Once you have eliminated unused or unnecessary items, there are excellent ways to make your new home or apartment more organized. Some tricks to decorate and utilize space include bookshelves of all sizes. These can be used in every room as both decorating and storage. They can even be used floor to ceiling in some areas for a more dramatic look. Besides books, photos and albums it’s a great place to display keepsakes. Also, smaller bookshelves may be used in closets for shoes, handbags and sweaters.

Sizing Furniture

Consider a sleeper sofa in the living room instead of a space crunching roll away bed. End tables can double as storage as well. Choose a style with shelves or enclosed areas. Also, storage ottomans provide space for magazines and smaller items. Choose a entertainment center that is both beautiful and functional, and doubles as additional storage.

Will your bed fit in your new bedroom? If not, you may need to purchase a smaller bedroom suite. For easy storage in the bedroom, invest in a beautiful bed skirt. Under bed storage for seasonal items like holiday decorations can be hidden well, and are easily accessible when needed.

Storage Solutions

If there are items you hate to part with but may have no room for, opt for self storage. Self storage is a safe and affordable option for keeping those items you do not need every day.

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