How To Pack A Moving Truck

Getting ready for your next big move may seem exciting and also overwhelming when you think about packing your entire life away into boxes. But rather you have a large collection of stuff or are starting from scratch with a few personal items, packing everything into your car isn’t safe. That’s why properly packing a moving truck will have you hitting the road in no time. Far or close, you're one step closer to your new home!

Begin with Large Appliances

Large appliances such as your refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer come first then are placed all the way towards the back of the truck. These items are not only heavy and valuable but will fit more easily depending on how many appliances you have. There is no worry if everything will fit because luckily moving trucks give you estimates on measurements for length, width and about how many rooms of material you will need so that you can get the right size moving truck.

Mattress and Couches Come Next

Your mattress and couches are then placed all throughout the left and right sides of the truck. Remember to cover them with moving blankets or bubble wrap to prevent any stains or rips and tears.

Heavy Boxes Go in the Middle

Any heavy boxes go in the middle, right in front of the large appliances. Stacking is safe just make sure there isn’t anything fragile that could break because of the weight.

Desk/Dresser and Smaller Items Last

Fill in the gaps by placing any desks or dressers first then by stacking the rest of smaller items or smaller boxes towards the front. Again, make sure that any furniture is safely covered to prevent damages. The smaller items are easy to grab because they are in the front. Any valuables such as important documents stay with you in the passenger seat.

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