5 Ways to Organize Paper Clutter

5 Ways to Organize Paper Clutter

In a fast-paced world, shuffling and sifting through papers is generally the furthest thing from anyone’s mind. A paper pile up seems unavoidable as it accumulates rather quickly from a variety of things, namely: newspapers, bills, children’s artwork, store ads, and work assignments. As a result, it’s safe to presume that all households have a few papers stacked up occasionally; however, even minutely overlooked papers can easily turn into neglected mounds of papers. Whenever paper clutter becomes a glaring eyesore, it’s definitely time to start organizing. Try these solutions to liberate your space, and put a stop to paper stashes for good.

1) Designate a suitable area for future organizing

Decide where you would like your new structured area to be at in your home. If your home does not have an office you could opt to use something that you already own, for instance: a writing desk, console table, buffet, armoire, or hutch cabinet. Another option is to create a wall space and use a hanging organizer that allows you to easily sort mail, and other types of papers.

2) Create a filing system that works best for you

Discuss an easy sorting and filing system that will help your family stay organized. Make sure each family member has their own filing folder or special box to save their important documents and special keepsakes. It is also a great idea to set up a method for sorting any incoming and outgoing mail. Bills, coupons, catalogs, and magazines can easily be sorted if they each have a labeled space showing where they need to go.

3) Sort incoming papers now instead of later

Dealing with papers as soon as possible seems like a big hassle in the moment, so you set them down someplace and claim you’ll get to them in a minute. The truth of the matter is “a minute” ends up being much longer than you meant it to be, and now instead of just a few papers to sort through you’ll have several. The easiest way to stay clutter-free is to tackle those papers before they turn into piles; eventually this routine will become habit, and you won’t even think twice about it.

4) Take advantage of paperless billing

Paperless billing is a sign up plan that’s offered amongst numerous companies. You can go online and request to go paperless while continuing to receive your bills via email, or you can choose to go paperless while signing up for automatic bank draft. Paperless billing programs are earth friendly options that can significantly lower the amount of your incoming mail; to be precise: less paper, less clutter, less stress.

5) Throw away papers that aren’t necessary

Every time you start sorting your papers you should only be thinking of 3 possible outcomes for each piece, and they are pay it, save it, or trash it. Personal mementos like birthday cards or your child’s artwork should only be saved every once in awhile. Let your child pick their favorite drawing, and hang them on the fridge or bulletin board to enjoy until the following week. Do not forget the other clutter offenders, specifically: advertisements, newspapers, and magazines; they mostly end up in an outdated pile collecting dust. Toss them out or give them away after you’re finished with them, and consider subscribing to them online instead.

Hopefully, these tips will help you keep organized and take the stress out of decorating your home for the holidays!

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