Tips for Organizing the Ultimate Man Cave

Tips for Organizing the Ultimate Man Cave

A man cave is something that can get really dirty really fast. There really is no way to prevent this from happening but you can delay the onset of the dirtiness with a few of these helpful organizing and cleaning tips for your man cave.

All around cleaners

The biggest tip for cleaning and organizing your man cave would be to buy cleaner! No one wants a fingerprint covered television or beer covered floor for the big game. There are an endless amount of options for all purpose cleaners that can get up just about anything without leaving a nasty, gritty layer on what was cleaned.

Garbage bags are key

If you start the night’s man cave session without any garbage bags, then you will more than likely end up piling the garbage on any available table space. Always making sure a garbage bag is readily available in your man cave is key to keeping it clean.

Invest in furniture that will take some damage

You never know when it might get rough and crazy in a man cave and investing in some sturdy furniture will save you a lot of money for when that day does come. Another quality of furniture you should look for is if it has the ability to be taken outside and hosed down. With a man cave sometimes comes drinking and the spilling of said drinks on furniture thus being able to literally wash your furniture would be quite handy.

Dryer sheets are a game changer when it comes to smelling fresh

Another very useful tip for keeping your man cave kept up well involves keeping it smelling nice and fresh. An easy and cheap way to go about doing this is to shove a dryer sheet anywhere you can think of putting one. Whether it be in your desk, couch or trashcan; it will do the trick!

Cleaning robots

Investing in a robot like the Roomba would also be a viable option to keep your man cave clean and organized. It is a smart home appliance that is literally a little disc shaped robot that goes around your room or house and vacuums everything up!

DIY projects for organization

The best of a man cave are all the DIY projects you can do with a man cave. Building things such as a whiskey bottle soap dispenser or a beer bottle opener and cap catcher can truly take your man cave to the next level. There are endless DIY man cave project ideas, all it takes is one simple Internet search!

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