How to Pack Your Clothing for the Move

How to Pack Your Clothing for the Move

Moving houses can be exciting—and daunting. The most common hurdle people encounter in a transition like this is overcoming procrastination and packing up the house. We’re here to help this stage of your life go as smoothly as possible! Below you will find a few key tips on what to do (and not do) to overcome and perfect one of the most common messes of any move—clothes.

Use Your Clothes in Place of Bubble Wrap

Instead of taking up extra room with bubble wrap and packing peanuts, wrap your fragile items in your clothes! The more creative you can get, the better! Plates can be stacked in a box with a shirt or a towel in between each plate to prevent breakage. Picture frames and other larger items can be wrapped in blankets to protect them. Old t-shirts, sweatshirts, and even pillows can offer great protection for other fragile pieces as well. This is a great alternative that will save you money and space!

Declutter Before You Pack

Chances are, you probably have clothing items that have managed to work their way to the back of the closet and, with that, the back of your mind! It’s important to dedicate time before the move to sort out the clothes that can be donated. A good rule of thumb: if it has not been worn in a year, throw it out! Most cities have a Goodwill or Salvation Army location that is always taking donated clothes. Doing this ahead of the move will save you valuable time, and it will also be less to transport the day of the move.

Think Ahead

Picture how your new home will be laid out when you begin packing. Will you be taking the same dressers? Will your closet be the same size? Think about how you want to organize your clothes in your new space, then sort by the sections of the room. For example, put all the clothes that will go in the dresser in one box and all the clothes that will go in the closet in another.

If you are utilizing our tip from before and using your clothes to wrap fragile items, try to keep similar clothes together. These can be organized by making a note on the outside of the box stating which clothes go to which location. The more you plan—the less stress you will have the day of the move!

Unpack by Season and with a Goal

Once you arrive in your new home, unpack your clothes in order of priority. If you are moving in the summertime, you will not need your winter boots for a couple more months, so think about storing them with your other extra furniture in a climate-controlled storage unit! Oftentimes, unpacking can take the longest time due to a lack of motivation after completing a move. Do not feel frustrated if this happens to you! It’s very common. Try setting a goal of unpacking a certain amount of boxes a day. This will keep you unpacking and working without feeling overwhelmed!

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