Packing Tips for Your Unit

Get your spring cleaning started by packing those extra items that are ready to get stored and put away. Before you say good-bye to your prized possessions, read these helpful tips to help you organize and pack efficiently, before just throwing everything into boxes and realizing you have no space left in your unit to store more items or to even take items out.

Label Accordingly

Be specific when labeling. For example, instead of writing “kitchen” or “fragile”, consider what takes up most of the box such as “fragile kitchen mugs”. This will help you recognize what you have in detail instead of having to open the box to try to guess what is inside for future purposes. Remember to try to compartmentalize your items so that everything stays organized and prevent items from getting lost or mixing up with other items.

Heavy/Bulky Items Go First

Heavy items such as chairs and tables should be stored first in the unit by the back of the wall. If you can dismantle the furniture even better! If you can’t, try stacking chairs upside-down by the seat for easy pull-off access. This will save you space and is also safer than storing in the front to prevent collapsing when re-opening the unit.

Use Extra Space for Fill Up

If you happen to run out of boxes, there could be extra space in the items you already have for an easy fill-up. For example, the inside of your luggage, drawers from your chest or empty jars. Be sure to also label when you fill up space with an item such as labeling your luggage with a sheet of paper. The goal is to know what you have so you can save time searching for it and avoid rummaging. Never leave loose items out in the open or scattered throughout your unit. This will invite unwanted pests to infest the easy to reach materials such as clothing or opened containers.

Don’t Forget to Save Space for Yourself

As silly as this sounds, your unit will be jam-packed with stacked boxes with no room to go in or get out. Leave an aisle for you to walk and be able to reach all of the stuff located in the back, preferably through the middle. That way you won’t have to move each box to get something. This also makes rummaging through your unit more safe.

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