Reasons to Use Professional Movers vs. DIY

It’s that time of year again we all dread, spring cleaning! Are you trying to move out your old boxes from the basement or are you trying to move into a new home? Whether you are moving a few items or an entire house, there are many reasons to hire a professional. Yes, it is tempting to DIY your move to save money. In the long run, it is worth the investment to hire professionals.

1. Your body will thank you.

Grandma’s piano may look lightweight, but we know you know the backache isn't worth it. Lifting heavy items during a DIY move is one of the top reasons for urgent care visits. In fact, serious back injuries take place from lifting heavy items the wrong way. Even lifting items that are lighter in weight, the wrong way, leaves a painful mark on you for days or weeks to come. It’s simply not worth the risk.

2. Time is money.

You may think that doing a DIY move will save you a lot of money. However, consider that your time is worth money, too. Investing in professionals to do the job the correct way, the first time frees you up to tend to your more important tasks.

3. Power in numbers

Professional movers work in well-trained teams. By contrast, when you DIY your move you have to round up your family and friends to help you. Back to our first point above, now not only are you dealing with your own impending injury but the injuries of people you know and (we hope) really like. Hiring a professional mover and their trained team takes that risk off of you and puts the power in the professionals.

4. Spares Valuables

Not only does a DIY move put your body at risk, but it also puts your household goods at risk, too. Professional movers have the training, manpower and most importantly, the right tools and equipment. They move valuables for a living and do it all day long. From heirlooms to awkward pieces to the family china, they know how to get the job done well without casualties.

5. Speed

Time is always of the essence in a move. Whether it is spring cleaning or a whole-house move, it is not something you want to drag on for days. You want to enjoy your new tidy space or your new home. Hire professional movers in a team to be swift and efficient. Let’s be honest, when a move is a DIY project many distractions take place prolonging the move. Because we are not trained, we need breaks often, too. Keep your move on the move by hiring professional movers who are paid to move, move well and more efficiently. They will get the job done usually in a day what would take the Do It Yourself move double that time.

Professional moving is a solid investment in your body, mind, time and valuables. It’s reasonable, too. Professional moving is quickly moving from what was once considered a luxury service to a necessity. As it should be. No price can be placed on your time or physical health.

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