Why You Need Renters Insurance

Why You Need Renters Insurance

If you rent your home or have your belongings in a storage unit, you may need to consider a renters insurance policy. Also known as home and contents insurance, this policy is designed to protect your belongings in case they are ever damaged or destroyed. 

Protects Your Personal Property

Renters insurance protects your personal property while you are in a rental. Items such as furniture, clothing and any other personal contents are protected in case they are damaged due to fire, water or a natural disaster. Document all of your items in case the property is destroyed or if there is a theft. Your adjuster will need the proof that those items were in your possession. 

It’s Affordable 

While you may think of it as just another added expense, renters insurance is pretty affordable. Some policies only cost just a few cents per day. You may even receive a discount if you already have car or life insurance through your provider. Just imagine how much you will truly save if you ever have to replace all of your belongings! 

Protects You From Liability

Accidents happen from time to time, but if an incident occurs at your rental home, you could be held responsible. This can include property that is damaged or in case a person is injured. While it may not all seem fair, someone could try to hold you liable in the court of law for what happened. Luckily, a renters insurance protects you in these types of cases. This policy can also provide medical payments if you or the injured party incur hospital expenses. There is a policy limit so consult with your agent about the right amount of coverage. 

Other Added Benefits

A renters policy does so much more than just protecting your items. It can cover the costs of a hotel stay if your rental home becomes uninhabitable. Everything from a pipe burst to smoke damage from a nearby fire can affect the inside of your house or unit. Renters insurance will provide the extra coverage needed for temporary housing.

This policy will also fill in gaps left open by other kinds of insurance. Auto insurance, for example only covers the damage done to your car and not the contents. For example, if your phone is stolen due to a car break-in, your renter's insurance could cover the loss. 

We insure everything from our homes and cars to even our vacations. Protect yourself and your belongings by securing a renters insurance policy today. You’ll have the added protection in case disaster strikes. 

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