School's Out! Storage Tips

School's Out! Storage Tips

With summer just around the corner, there are endless amounts of fun activities for you and your family to enjoy during this great season. But with the coming of summer, comes a lot of other responsibilities. One of these being that the house stays in perfect condition while everyone is home from school during the season. Now this can sometimes be very difficult, school saves you from having to pick up things constantly throughout the day. This being because your whole family is home and ready to mess-up the house with all of the many activities out there to fix the boredom.

But before any summer fun is had, the proper steps need to be taken in order to prepare your house for this school-free season. You do not want pencils, paper, etc. floating around the house when they should clearly be put up because of summer vacation. This guide will give you just a few of the tips out there to aid in organizing your family’s school supplies for the summer.

Milk crates

Milk crates are one of the best items you can use to store your child’s school supplies in! One thing you could do is fill the crate with hanging file folders, these file folders could contain papers such as: important information for school, past homework assignments, and over-the-summer assignments. Milk crates are extremely portable and come in great use when trying to organize to save space. This should definitely be at the top of your list for things to use when organizing school supplies.

Table apron

Have any old canvas gardening aprons laying around? These can be one of the best tools when trying to organize school supplies for younger children! A gardening apron has many pockets for supplies and is the perfect size to be lined along a child’s table. All you need to do is attach the apron along the edges of the table and then fill it with school supplies!

Shoe hanger

This is the upgraded version of the table apron tip, in a sense. Your usual door-hanging shoe rack can come in handy greatly if used properly to store your child’s school supplies. These hangers are hidden away from the world, hanging on the inside part of your closet door. The hangers have various pockets going all the way down the door, which is ideal for the storing of those pesky school supplies!

Drawer dividers

The last tip to organizing your child’s school supplies, drawer dividers! Designate one drawer in the house to all school supplies, then get to organizing! There are various sizes, shapes, and colors when dealing with dividers, all you have to do is find the right one for how you plan on organizing the supplies. These dividers will separate your drawer into different sections for different supplies, leading to excellent organization!

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