How to use storage to organize seasonal items

How to use storage to organize seasonal items

The easiest way to recognize the difference between someone who happens to own a house and a real homeowner is in how they choose to decorate for the holidays. If you are one of those homeowners who really prides themselves on decorating to match the seasons, the downside of that kind of love and affection can be a lot of stuff and nowhere to put it.

One option is to put your stuff in storage when not in use, but you have to be smart about the way it’s organized. Here are some tips for keeping your seasonal items organized so you can easily access them and get your house looking great for the holidays.

Use Plastic Bins

Since you will be removing and using your stuff once a year, it’s better to choose plastic bins over cardboard boxes as the boxes will begin to break down with the wear and tear.

Choose a Prime Spot

If you’re putting your seasonal items in storage, make sure they get an easily accessible spot near the front, and they don’t get hidden behind your other items.

Organize by Season/Holiday

By grouping your stuff together by the time of year, then by holiday, you can save yourself some time searching.

Label Your Bins

Don’t just write ‘decorations’, try to be as detailed as possible, that way you don’t have to open a bunch of bins when you’re looking for just one item. You’ll thank me later.

Hopefully, these tips will help you keep organized and take the stress out of decorating your home for the holidays!

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