Store These Items in the Summertime

Store These Items in the Summertime

With spring cleaning typically comes a major clean out of winter items to make room for your seasonal and recently purchased gear. Sometimes that means selling or donating old items. For others it means putting the cold weather stuff away until a later date when it will once again be usable and ready to go. The latter also clears up space in your home and closets – and you can turn around and fill them back up with all of your summer gear, or you can simply enjoy the extra room.

It’s a simple way to add organization and functionality to your home, whether you live in a small one-bedroom apartment, or a large house equipped for multiple family members and their respective guests.

No matter your plans, there are plenty of wintertime items you can store away for safekeeping. Including: clothes, coats, recreational toys, practical items, and more. Even things you buy at a good deal and aren’t sure if you want to hold onto for the long haul.


Wintertime calls for far more layers than the remaining three-quarters of the year. That means, when it’s not chilly, those thick sweaters and plush sweatshirts are taking up more than their fair share of closet space. Rather than making room, fold them away and store them for later use. Tie up in trash bags or tuck into suitcases to make the best use of your storage space. For long-term storage, such as with clothes that no longer fit (for instance, items you know the next kid will grow into), consider a thicker material or even sealed bags to keep critters or musty air out.

Winter Gear

Having toys and sports equipment is a fun addition for when the time allows, but it’s practical to store skis, snow shovels, sleds, etc., when the temperatures are sweltering. You might only need to find these items before a vacation or a bout of chilly weather, meaning the rest of the year they can be kept safe for later use.

Cold Weather Items

It’s nice to have a shovel for any potential snow, or to wear boots for ice and snow, but when you’re having to find storage space in your closet, that gear becomes intrusive or aggravating. Especially when it’s mid-summer and you’re dealing with flip flops instead.

Additional Perks

Aside from gaining extra space in your home by storing winter items, there are additional perks as well. Such as the ability to keep more belongings without feeling guilty. You can shop up on winter sales without the fear of where to put said items. You can also stay prepped and ready year round, not just for the seasons that most fit. Storage is also easily affordable, if not currently existing in your home or garage.

Make the most use out of your home’s space by tucking away winter items during these warm months. It’s an easy step that can allow for plenty of additional space, and even more peace of mind when organizing your home.

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