What to Consider When Storing Work Equipment and Tools

What to Consider When Storing Work Equipment and Tools

Your work equipment and hardware takes up a lot of room and costs a pretty penny—you should have a storage unit that reflects that price tag and keeps it safe and secure! But there’s a handful of things you should consider when coming up with your storage plan for your work equipment and tools. Here are our thoughts on what you should be thinking about when you’re figuring out how to store this kind of expensive material.


Are you using your tools and hardware every day? Or do you only use them when a project calls their name? If you’re using your tools daily and on-the-go, then it’s important to store them in a place that makes it easy for you to take them with you wherever you may go. For a smaller range of tools you might want to consider a toolbox that you can carry with you and take in your car every day and, for bigger tools or more selection, you should consider a heavy duty truck bed tool box.

If you aren’t using your tools every day, then it might be a better option to store them in a toolshed type area. Commandeer a corner of your home, shed or garage and mount a storage wall made out of pegboard. Storage walls take up less space since they’re on your wall, leaving you more room for a work table or bench. But maybe you have kids and don’t want your tools up on a wall for anyone to grab—we get it. If that’s the case, consider a climate controlled storage unit to keep your precious equipment out of unwanted hands.


When was the last time you washed your tools? Actually, we don’t want to know. Just get some suds and get them cleaned off. By keeping your tools clean, you can prolong your use of them. Make sure before you store your equipment and tools that you are always giving them a quick clean—you’ll thank yourself later.


Are you sick of lugging around tools you feel like you hardly use? Always searching for the tool you think you need and instead finding yourself going through toolbox after toolbox for what feels like hours? Then it’s time to get organized. By using plastic boxes, work shelves and a labeling system, you can store your tools in safe containers where they are clearly marked and easy to find for future use. It might feel daunting at the time to organize your entire collection, but in the future you will be glad you did.


Always unplug your tools or turn them off before storing, and never store them on the ground or an unsturdy location. This is especially important when utilizing a storage unit because you want to create a safety hazard! Make sure to use super secure hooks when hanging your equipment and ensure that any toolbox you use has an effective lock for when it might be out of your sight.

Storing work equipment and tools doesn’t have to be a stressor in your life—just follow our guidance and you’ll be feeling better about your storage choices in no time!

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