Storing Your Vehicle for the Winter Season

Purchasing a car is not a small expense. Due to the amount of money most people spend on a car, it is important to keep it in working order. In order to make sure your car is ready to ride come spring, it’s essential to keep it in good shape during the winter months. Although it may seem like a hassle, it will be worth it come those warmer months.


Give it Fuel Stabilizer

If you are looking to store your vehicle during the winter, it’s important to remember that fuel tends to only last around 30 days. So, if you plan to store it for the winter months be sure to add some fuel stabilizer.


Oil Change

Nobody wants to get their car from storage only to realize you need an oil change. It never hurts to perform an oil change before storing for spring. Then, when it’s time to get the car out you have one less thing to think about!


Check the Coolant Protection Level

If you are not storing your car in a climate-controlled storage area, be sure to checkout how much coolant-to-water mixture is in the car. If you don’t have the right amount the water can freeze and expand, which in turn can cause a lot of damage to the engine.


Get Your Battery Ready

Be sure to preserve your battery when storing during the winter. You can either leave the battery connected, disconnect it or install battery tenders. This is a great thing to do when you are planning to store a car for an extended amount of time.


Block the Exhaust

Prevent your exhaust and intake boxes from becoming the home to unwanted pests by blocking them off. Many rodents will search for small areas to call home during the winter, and an exhaust is the perfect place.


Get It Pretty

Who wants to take a dirty car out of storage? Be sure to wash, buff and wax your car in order to avoid any acidic material eating away at your paint.


Park on Tarp

Avoid having an oil stain on your garage floor by parking on tarp. It will save you the stress of additional spring cleaning which would include scrubbing the dark spot off the floor.


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