Things to Store in the Spring

Things to Store in the Spring

It is time to start on that Spring cleaning! From dusting and scrubbing, to tossing and fluffing- this time of year can really bring to light how many things you may have around the house that are just, to put it directly, in the way. While you may not necessarily want to get rid of these items, you probably do want to at least keep them out of sight for the time being. That is why Spring is the perfect time to utilize self-storage! Here are just a few things you can go ahead and pack up for storage:

Holiday Decorations

Sad, but true, your harvest decor and festive Christmas cheer have no place in your home for the time being. This is the time to go ahead and package them up neatly and store them away for the next season. Peter Cottontail does not want Christmas lights all over his bunny trail!

Winter Sports Gear

For most, the time for sledding and skiing has passed. So why keep all of that bulky equipment lying around the house? Goodness knows those boots and bulky snow suits are closet hogs! Self storage is the perfect place for them to await next year’s snowy adventures.

Kitchen Supplies

The holidays can taking cooking to the extreme. Many women have extra pots, pans, electric oven, dishes, and pitchers for the sole use of keeping up with holiday food demand! If you know you won’t be using all of it, pack it up nice and neat and send it on its way to self-storage. You will enjoy all of the extra room in the kitchen!

Cold Weather Linens

Do you prefer darker drapes in the cooler months? Do you really need all of that fleece and fur? If not, stow it away for a while and lighten up your home! Your warm colored linens will be safe in a nice, climate controlled storage facility.

Winter Clothing and Accessories

Bring on the tanks and flip flops! Think about how much room you will have in your closet without having to sift through scarves, heavy coats and sweaters, fleece-lined leggings, and bulky boots. Keep one or two winter pieces out just in case of crazy weather, and pack the rest up for safekeeping for next year!

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