Tips for Loading Your Moving Truck

Tips for Loading Your Moving Truck

Renting a truck for your next move is a great path to go down when trying figure out how to move your objects from one location to the next in the most efficient way. Renting just the truck and not hiring a moving service will save you a large sum of money in your wallet. Of course that means you have to know how to efficiently pack the truck in order to get the most use out of your money. Moving trucks are designed to hold a specific amount of items, which is usually measured in cubic feet. It is quite easy to leave some free cubic space unused because of improper packing which results in having to leave behind certain items.

Moving supplies

Before you start packing up the moving truck, you need to make sure you have all the proper supplies needed for moving. There are many different supplies you will need when packing a moving truck. Here are some of those supplies:

Load big items or boxes first?

This first packing tip is actually one that is highly debatable. Either way will succeed and efficiently use all the space in your rental truck. You can either start with large items first and then move onto packing your boxes, or you can start with boxes and build a wall of boxes from the back of the truck to the door. Just make sure you have everything tied down if you go with the wall of boxes first.

Equal weight distribution

Balancing the weight of what you are packing is just as about as figuring out the organization of how you are doing it. If you distribute the weight equally throughout the truck, it will become easier to load and unload. Distributing equal weight also makes the truck easier to drive while you are on the road. Always load the heavy items against the walls in order to keep the middle of the floor open to make it easier on loading.

Loading mirrors

When you have items such as mirrors and pictures in frames, you may get a little worried about how easily they can get damaged in a rental truck. As long as you’re properly load the truck, you do not need to have this worry. Store pictures and mirrors in-between mattresses, being sure that they are wrapped and packed properly before putting them in place. Doing so will make the most efficient use of space in your rental truck.

Strapping down your items

This is quite important and obvious to the whole action of moving, tie down your important items! You do not want your items flying around your truck while you are driving and getting damaged in the process. Use packing straps to ensure that your items are safe and secure. Strap down each section of the truck after you get done packing it for optimum safety and efficiency.

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