Tips for Optimizing Space in Your Storage Unit

Too often, people envision a storage unit packed full of unused items. Full of things that have been tucked away for years in boxes, suitcases or even laundry baskets. Some people envision hazards stacked on top of each other to the roof. That is not how your storage unit has to look in reality with just a few tips.

Here are eight tips on how you can optimize space in your storage unit:

1. Select the correct size storage unit.

  • Having the right amount of space will help ensure you will be able to fit all of your belongings in your unit.
  • If you are selling your house, renovating or moving, it is important to find the right side storage space that will make it easy to find everything you need.
  • Instead of cramming everything inside of the unit, which can lead to damage of some of your items, you can create an accessible unit with the correct amount of space.

2. Have a planned method of packing.

  • Being able to organize your items will give you advantages.
  • Be sure to label boxes and bends.
  • Once you put the boxes in your storage unit, organize them to be by room or useage.
  • If you know that you may need a certain item, put it near the front of the unit to make it more accessible.

3. Invest in the proper supplies to pack.

  • Some of the best supplies that you can get are boxes, tape, markers and bubble wrap.
  • Something to consider buying would be clear storage bins.
  • Stackable boxes also help you optimize your space efficiently.

4. Make a plan of how you want to organize.

  • Making a plan of how you would like to organize your storage unit gives you an idea of what you will do once you start loading your unit.

5. Take advantage of vertical space.

  • Being able to store containers on top of each other will help give you more space.
  • Be sure to put heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top.

6. Deconstruct furniture.

  • Furniture will take up a lot of space in your storage unit.
  • It is more likely to be damaged if it is put together inside of a unit.
  • Taking apart your furniture will help give you more room and protect it.
  • To help prevent you from losing pieces and parts, tape the legs of the tables and other hardware to the underside of the furniture.

7. Pack items in a way that will protect you and your other stored items.

  • It is not safe to have to crawl on top of furniture, boxes or bends to get two other items inside of your unit.
  • Make a pathway to important items.

8. Select the best storage provider.

  • Get a provider like us, Beltline and Security Stor-Alls, who gives you size options to choose from.
  • Consider us for flexible leasing offers.

If you are near Mobile, Alabama, you should consider getting a storage unit with us. We will take good care of you and would love to have you as a customer. Contact us today by visiting our website or giving us a call at one of our locations.

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