Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations After the Holidays

Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations After the Holidays

While the holiday season is one of the most exciting times of the year, dealing with the decorations after the fact can be a hassle. Putting away the tree, lights or other decorations can be a dreaded task that we delay for weeks on end. One problem that may cause some of the procrastination is a lack of space for said decorations! When it comes to storing these seasonal furnishings, having a planned approach is necessary.

Categorize Your Items 

As with any form of storage, categorization is key. Keep similar items together, store all your lights in one box, put your hanging items together and keep ornaments and knick-knacks in their own container. Categorizing your items saves you time both while you’re putting decor away and when you come back the following year to set them back up again.

Wrap Up That Tree 

If you are someone who uses an artificial tree for the holidays, wrapping up your tree saves a ton of space. Instead of relying on a storage bag, use plastic wrap or old belts to tie down those stray branches and keep the tree as compact as can be.

Use Clear Bins 

Nothing is worse than having a million storage bins to go through and not knowing which ones contain which decorations. Storing your items in clear bins saves you the trouble next year while also helping as you store things in the meantime. As a plus, using clear bins allows you easy access to specific boxes as needed.

Utilize Padded Storage 

Many of our holiday decorations are dear to us. They provide us with decades of memories and joy that cannot be replaced. The last thing you want to happen is for your ornaments to break or your favorite decorations to be crushed. Using padded storage adds an extra layer of security for those special items that cannot be replaced.

Keep Next Year in Mind 

One way to make next year’s experience more enjoyable is to think ahead. When storing your items, remember which decorations tend to be put up together, what order they are put up in, what part of the house they belong in and more. Thinking of this as you store your items means you’re ahead of the game and will be able to find your items more easily when the next season rolls around.

Storing holiday items can be an overwhelming and time-consuming experience. Use these tips to help make the process a little bit less stressful. Find yourself wishing you had more space to store all your bins and lights? Visit Stor-Alls today and rent your very own storage unit!

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