What items do you need climate-controlled storage for?

What items do you need climate-controlled storage for?

There are quite a few things to consider when you are deciding on storage options for your belongings. You can opt for a storage unit that does not offer any climate control, but you may be quickly disappointed with that choice depending on what you are storing. It is important to note that though most of your items can be packaged and sealed and be just fine in a non-climate-controlled unit, there are certain items that require climate control to preserve your belongings.

Furniture is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of items that may require climate control. Leather is one of the most sensitive materials when it comes to changes in temperature. When you opt for climate control units, you are not just receiving temperate control but also humidity control. This is extremely important when it comes to wooden furniture as humidity can be detrimental to this type of furniture. If moisture enters the wood, it can cause rotting, cracking and warping. If you are also storing appliances, it is important to know they are susceptible to damage should they be exposed to extreme heat or cold. The mechanical pieces of your appliances can rust and crack under these conditions. You will also find that mildew and mold are sure to set in if not stored properly.

It may seem obvious that you need climate control when it comes to valuable artwork, but you may not think about your art and craft supplies. You will want a climate-controlled unit for your sewing machines and any fabrics that you are storing. You will also want to consider your woodwork and any tapestries. The temperatures inside your storage unit cannot fluctuate or you risk paint cracking and paper becoming damaged. Fluctuation in temperature can also cause mold which will quickly destroy your belongings. In addition to fluctuations in temperature, humidity is not your friend when it comes to your artwork. Now, you may not be an art collector, but you could be an artist yourself. Do you have musical instruments that you need to store? You will need a climate-controlled unit for these as well. In the same way that humidity and temperature can affect your furniture and artwork, it can also affect the shape and condition of your instrument. The fluctuating temperatures can cause wood and string instruments to contract or expand. This can also cause bacteria in brass and woodwind instruments.

Making the decision to find a storage facility can be stressful enough depending on the circumstances surrounding the need for more space. The last thing you want is to check on your items and find that your grandma’s curio cabinet that you received as a wedding gift has begun to warp and rot. Are you moving into a new house in a few short months but need a place to store the refrigerator you bought on that crazy black Friday sale? If you need additional storage, it is worth looking into a climate-controlled facility to keep your belongings safe and preserved. There are some risks in life that are worth taking but not opting for the best place to store your items is not one of them.

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