What Size U-Haul Do You Need?

What Size U-Haul Do You Need?

If you are planning your next big move or looking to transport a large number of items into storage, there are several different things on your mind. Throughout all the planning, packing and preparing that goes into it all, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. One issue you may not think about until the time comes is the size of the U-Haul you need to transport your items. If you’re looking into renting a U-Haul, you mustn’t underestimate or overestimate the amount of size you will need. You want a truck that will fit all your items without having to pay for unnecessary space. Luckily, Stor-Alls has your back! Here are a few things to consider when deciding on your U-Haul size:

Use Our Website 

When deciding on a UHaul size, consider visiting our website at www.storalls.com and clicking on ‘Reserve a U-Haul’. From there, you will be able to select the location closest to you. You will then be taken to the U-Haul site where a sizing chart is available for your convenience. This guide provides helpful information and visuals that help put the size of each truck into perspective and show you just how much will fit in each space.

U-Haul Website 

Another useful resource is the U-Haul website. If you visit https://www.uhaul.com/Truck-Rentals/Moving-Truck-Sizes/, you will see a list of all the different truck sizes. Along with the sizing options, you will notice exact measurements and approximate home sizes that each truck can fit.

Number of Rooms 

Aside from using the Stor-Alls or U-Haul websites, there are other great hacks for determining what size U-Haul you may need for your move or transportation of items. One of the best ways to determine the size you need is to consider the number of rooms worth of items you will be moving. For example, if you are planning a complete move, the amount of rooms in your current home is relevant to the amount of space you will need in your U-Haul. If you only plan to move a few pieces of furniture to a storage unit, however, you may consider this to only be one ‘room’ worth of items. In this case, choosing a smaller U-Haul may be all you need.

Whatever your moving needs may be, Stor-Alls has you covered. Aside from offering U-Haul services on our site, we also offer packing and moving supplies such as boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and more. Have more questions? Call us today at (251) 278-3041.

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