Where Should I Put My Boat for Winter?

Where Should I Put My Boat for Winter?

While storing your boat during the summer isn’t much of a hassle due to the warmth and sunshine, when it comes to winter you have to prepare ahead of time. Between cleaning your boat, winterizing the engine, and everything in between to ready your boat for the cold, Beltline and Security Stor-Alls has exactly what you need for proper storage. Boats need to be stored properly during the winter so they will function properly when summer rolls back around. We offer long-term covered or uncovered storage for boats, which makes this perfect for the winter season. Below are just a few reasons why Beltline and Security Stor-Alls is the best place for your winter boat storage.


Security is one of the main deciding factors when choosing a place of storage for any of your belongings, especially for investments like a boat. Beltline and Security Stor-Alls provides covered and secured areas for boats in two local and convenient locations in Mobile. Storing your boat in a secured place during the winter is essential since it will be left for a duration of time. We provide surveillance cameras on-site, electronic access to storage areas with a security code and motion detectors to give you peace of mind.


Oftentimes boats can come with costly repairs and maintenance, so when it comes to long-term storage during the winter you don’t want to sacrifice due to costs. Most marinas have a big price tag for storing boats through the winter, but with Beltline and Security Storalls, we understand and want to give you a competitive rate. Alongside affordable storage, we also offer no deposit required and make paying your monthly bill easy through online bill pay. We also provide you with tips on adequately storing your boat in winter so when you put your boat back in the water for summer it’s all ready to go.


With two convenient locations in Mobile, we make it easy for you to access your boat in storage. We understand life can be busy, so we are open 7 days a week to allow you access to your boat while accommodating your schedule. Keeping your boat near you also allows you peace of mind knowing it will not sink since it is being kept in dry storage!

Utilize Padded Storage 

Many of our holiday decorations are dear to us. They provide us with decades of memories and joy that cannot be replaced. The last thing you want to happen is for your ornaments to break or your favorite decorations to be crushed. Using padded storage adds an extra layer of security for those special items that cannot be replaced.

Contact us today or visit one of our locations in Mobile to reserve your spot for boat storage! Also, check out our other blog posts that go into details for helping get your boat ready for winter storage!

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