Why Choose Climate Controlled Storage?

Temperature controlled storage works well in areas that see great fluctuations in temperature as they can keep storage units from overheating or freezing with changes in weather by maintaining 55-80 degrees Fahrenheit inside the storage unit. Outside storage may be good enough for some items and for shorter periods of time, but climate controlled storage regulates temperature and humidity within a storage unit, keeping items from becoming too damp or dry as well.

Maintaining humidity levels reduces the chance of mildew and mold growth, both of which are damaging to wood, fabric, and other materials. Climate control is especially important when storing fragile items like artwork and antiques. Below is a list of items that benefit from climate controlled storage:

Wood items - wooden furniture and other pieces can crack and warp or rot from too much moisture.

Leather Furniture - Leather is prone to mildew and discoloration.

Appliances - the mechanical parts inside of appliances are susceptible to cracking and rust as well as mold and mildew when stored for extended times.

Collectibles - when stored without proper humidity control, coins will tarnish, stamps begin to curl and stick together, comic pages dry out and become easily damaged, and wine is likely to spoil.

Instruments - musical instruments require proper humidity in order to function correctly. Incorrect levels of humidity will: ruin the strings, keys, and wooden exterior of a piano; snap the strings and ruin the glue or adhesive of stringed instruments; cause bacteria and other corrosion of brass instruments; and finally, woodwind instruments are likely to dry out with too little humidity or swell up with too much.

Paintings - subject to mold and mildew.

Clothing - also subject to mold and mildew.

Important Documents - likely to fade, discolor and dissolve over time without storing in property temperature control. .

Photos - prone to discoloration, bending, and bleeding or sticking together.

Electronics - just like appliances, the wiring is likely to rust or break.

While temperature control is beneficial to all of these items, long-term storage calls for more care and control if you want to avoid damage and keep your items in pristine condition.

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