7 Reasons Why People Use Storage Units

7 Reasons Why People Use Storage Units

Storage units are the perfect option for storing your things in a secure space away from the elements. They’re also a great choice economically for people who need storage units for business purposes. However, there are plenty of other reasons people choose to use storage units. Here are seven reasons why people may decide a storage unit is right for their needs.

Helps Clear Clutter

Do you ever feel your stuff is starting to take over your home? Storage units provide ample space for those items you don’t use everyday and don’t quite have room for in your home. Using a self-storage unit to store things such as holiday decorations, books or equipment will quickly clear the clutter in your home.

Protection from the Elements

Storage units provide the best protection from the environment than any other storage option. Most facilities are climate-controlled which protects your items from humidity and temperatures. Your belongings are also shielded against factors such as wind, snow and rain.

Business Needs

If your business is booming, then you may need to secure a storage unit. Think of a self-storage unit as your own personal warehouse that houses inventory and goods for easy access. Storage facilities also provide security which is necessary if you need to store important financial documents concerning your business.

Dorm Room Storage

If you have a college student in your family, then it’s likely he or she will come home with extra stuff. And while your student’s relocation plans may be temporary, the last thing you want is for furniture and boxes to take over your home. A storage unit is a great holding place for their items until it’s time for school to start again. Select a climate-controlled unit to protect their things from those hot and humid summer months.


Storage units are the best solution for temporarily storing items until you are ready for your new home. Store items such as furniture or clothes in your unit until it’s time to unpack. If you need to stage your home for showings, store larger items or toys in a unit for a less cluttered look.

Vehicle Storage

Furniture and boxes of old clothes are not the only things housed at self-storage units; vehicles can also be kept safely at storage facilities. Some storage facilities can also accommodate larger recreational items such as boats and RVs.

No matter the reason, storage units can help securely store and protect your personal items. Make the switch from the old way storing things to a climate controlled or standard storage unit. At Beltline and Security Stor-Alls we have the units to fit your needs.

We have units from small to large, that are climate controlled. You may only need us for a few months, or you may find that our units fit your long-term plans. Give us a call or come see us, and protect your treasures! Beltline and Security Stor-Alls are located in Mobile, Alabama, for all your storage needs! Check out Beltline and Security on Facebook, or visit us online at www.StorAlls.com

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