Climate Controlled Storage Versus Standard Storage

When it comes to storage there are two seasons you always should worry about: summer and winter. It is during these polar seasons that both the temperature and the humidity in the air can destroy some of your most valuable possessions. Although in some cases, standard storage may be good for iron clad items like metal chairs or plastic shelving, it can hurt other objects like books, clothing, or other perishable items.

Don’t count standard storage units out, however, because they bring as many benefits as climate controlled storage. What you need to know is which option you should choose, and under what circumstances. Below is a list of pros and cons of both climate controlled and standard storage:

Climate Controlled Storage Units

In case you were wondering, climate controlled storage units are basically modules that have central air running into the space. By having air coming from an HVAC system, it creates the same environment as a regular room in your home. Air conditioning reduces the amount of humidity in the storage unit, as well as maintains a constant temperature in the space all year long. Regardless of what is going on outside, the temperature in your storage area remains the same.

What are the advantages?

You never have to worry about extreme temperatures.
You never have to worry about humidity destroying your property.
Most are inside a building. This means that they are not as accessible to the outside world, making your possessions more secure.
The inside units are not exposed to outside dust and dirt, which can creep into standard units.
You can store virtually any item inside a climate-controlled unit.

What are the disadvantages?

They are not always easily accessible.
They generally cost more than standard units due to the extra energy costs.
Depending on what you put in your storage unit, you may not need it.

Standard Storage Units

These come in all shapes and sizes and are available as outside units and indoor units. They are very affordable and easy to access. If you have items that will not succumb to high humidity and extreme temperatures, then standard storage units are your best bet.

What are the advantages?

More space for less money
Outside units are easily accessible by the renter
Ideal for non-perishable items
Is perfect for short-term storage arrangements (especially if they are in the spring or the fall)

What are the disadvantages?

They can get hot, cold, and/or humid
They may not be as secure
It is not advisable that you store expensive valuables in standard storage units

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