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Sooner or later you’ll come to a point where you realize that you have too much stuff. But this realization is eclipsed by the stress that comes with getting rid of it. With a well-thought out strategy, however, you can downsize your home in no time while minimizing the hassle. Below are some handy tips to help you get started.

Make a Plan of Action

Getting your entire household on board with letting go of the goods could be a struggle. This is why planning is the best course of action. It allows all the members of your family to get used to the idea and eventually embrace it. Make some incremental goals, allow each person in your home to begin moving at their own pace, and finally set a launch date for beginning the process.

What Fits Into Your Life?

Believe it or not, not everything you paid money for is important. This is also true of hand-me-downs and gifts. To determine what is truly valuable and what is not, you must ask yourself; Does this object in my hand have anything to do with what is going on in my life? If not, then let it go. Your ability to part ways with the distractions will allow you to enjoy the things that really matter.

Is there a Purpose for That Object?

Hobbies are a peculiar thing. We find ourselves collecting things all our lives only to realize that they just sit there accumulating dust, benefitting us in no way at all. It brings up a great question: What is the purpose for what I have? If you discover that the items in question have no use whatsoever, then why are they still in your possession? Just like weaning yourself from a security blanket, you’ll find the things in your home that serve no purpose only bring a false sense of security. You don’t need them, so out they go.

Look at All That Clutter

It might amaze you how much square footage in your house is wasted on junk. In fact, it’s that same junk that leads you to believe that you need a bigger home – that place where you’ll fill up with more junk. Look around your home and identify useless articles that are just taking up space. Imagine how much nicer and cleaner your home will look by clearing it all out. You’ll probably conclude that you have a lot more space than you realized.

Quality Over Quantity

You don’t need more stuff. You simply need better stuff. Why fill your home with a million different mediocre items, when that one special item will make a grander statement? Instead of 3 couches that do nothing to enhance your room design, try ditching them for one couch that truly stands out and reflects your personal taste and style. One place you may want to start is in rooms where there are lots of cabinets like bathrooms and kitchens. Look for bulk items such as glasses or dishes. If you find that you have 63 cups that all look terrible, then you may want to trade them in for a simple, yet elegant set of nice glasses that you’ll be more proud to own.

Once you begin the process of downsizing, you’ll feel a bit of pain from letting go of all the extra pile of junk in your home. But it won’t take long before you realize that you never needed it in the first place. Then you’ll be happy that you let it all go.

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