Four Easy Tips For Furniture Storage

When you rent a storage unit for your furniture, it is easy to just stack the items and go. Often, in the rush of moving, we are lucky to have any organization at all. However, a few simple tricks, prepared before you store your items, will have a huge impact on the condition of your furniture when you take it home again. Try these simple ideas as you pack for great results:
    1. DISASSEMBLE TABLES AND FASTEN LEGS TO THE BOTTOM OF THE TABLE TOP. Be sure to store the bolts in a Ziploc bag and fasten to the table so they don’t get lost. Putting your table legs in a trash bag and duct taping it to the bottom of the table will allow you to have everything handy when you reassemble your furniture. You may even be ahead of the game if you purchase inexpensive screwdrivers or nut drivers at the dollar store and tape one of them to the table bottom. If you store your table resting on one edge in an upright position, be sure to use a pad to protect that surface from damage. If what you need to move is just sitting there, this simple preparation will make the move more efficient and organized!
    1. USE OLD BLANKETS TO PAD AND PROTECT your furniture. You can avoid most scratches and dings just by putting something over the top and draping the furniture. Even when left in storage, the padding on them will stop any damage if something falls or is dragged across your pieces. If you need old blankets, check your local resale shops. You can also purchase furniture pads at your moving store for those priceless pieces or sentimental items. They are less expensive than fixing unforeseen scrapes and scratches.
    1. PURCHASE A MATTRESS BAG to keep your mattress clean and fresh. A little-known tip is that original Bounce sheets contain Oleander. Why is that important? Mice hate the smell of oleander! Find the original scented sheets and put some in with the mattress. It will smell good, and keep mice from going to bed in your mattress. Another great way to prevent these little furry critters from making a home in your box springs is to use dried mint around the area. You may want to fill some socks with mint and place them in drawers, boxes, and around the unit.
  1. FILL OLD SOCKS WITH RICE AND PUT IN DRESSER DRAWERS AND OTHER AREAS OF THE STORAGE UNIT to act as a desiccant. The rice will pull moisture from the air which may warp your wood items and mildew your fabrics. Musty smells are never pleasant when your items are removed. The high humidity on the Gulf Coast makes this an important tip whether your unit is climate controlled or not.
Moving is stressful, time is short, and everyone is in a hurry. When it is done, all you want is a good rest. Taking advantage of today’s tips will help you relax comfortably in the knowledge that your items in storage are going to be in great condition when you are ready for them. You also may want to take advantage of the upcycling of your old socks at home by putting rice and mint in them and tucking them in your closets and other areas.

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