Keeping our items safe is the foremost priority of self-storage. A reliable, well-secured facility can work wonders in creating a protective environment for valuable belongings. To get the most out of a unit, you can collaborate with renters to ensure your valuable belongings are preserved. Here are some tips to get the best result from the rented unit.

Try to find a place that requires you enter a key-code to get in through an actual door, not just a gate.

Take the Time to Arrange Your Items Properly

Self-storage units come in a wide variety of sizes. You may only need a very small unit to land your most important items short term while you relocate and secure housing. You may be looking for a very large unit that will house the boat, four wheeler, the Christmas tree and kids’ toys. You may need a unit with a garage door. We also have two locations that can securely hold your RV.

Do Not Store Food

Many people make the mistake of assuming non-perishable items will not attract pests. If your storage unit is properly insulated and sealed this may not be an issue, but outdoor storage units have been known to be susceptible to rodents. Don’t take the chance to invite unwelcome critters where you store your belongings.

Research the Storage Unit Beforehand

If you live in an area with options, check Yelp reviews and other websites to make sure the facility operators are working to a standard which befits the security your items deserve. Try to find a place that requires you enter a key-code to get in through an actual door, not just a gate. Sometimes these places are less affordable, but if the items you are securing are valuable, then spending the extra time and money is certainly worth this consideration.

Label Your Items

Besides arrangement, the other side of the organization coin is labeling. Ultimately, this comes down to how much time you want to spend in the storage unit between visits, especially if you have a lot of items. Labeling items will make your trips to retrieve whatever you need from the unit incredibly expedient.

Buy a secure lock

No matter how secure the facility is, the final safeguard always comes down to the renter, and that safeguard is a sturdy lock. Make sure to buy a bolt-cutter-proof lock. Hardware and online retailers have modern options for better protection to thwart thieves.

Keep the Unit Clean and Tidy

Make sure the boxes and furniture are dust free. A clean unit will help ensure your items stay fresh and mold-free. This will also help when you go to retrieve items to use again.

Keep Your Items Well-Padded

Try to secure as much padding as possible to prevent scratches or other damages to the unit that could result in fines, as well as scratches or other damages to your own potentially valuable items. Make sure to use good padding, such as bubble wrap and cushions, not choices such as newspapers or cardboard. Rugs and sheets on the floor are highly recommended.

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