Ah, the holidays - time to prepare for the New Year and celebrate 2017 well done. This time of the year can be stressful for many as there are activities to plan, parties to attend, and gifts to be purchased and wrapped. Not to worry, we’re here to help. Here are a few fabulous gift ideas for your grown children. They may have outgrown their Barbie dolls and toy cars, but they still love a great gift from mom and dad.


If you can remember how you felt at your children’s age, you may remember wishing you had a few more zeroes in your bank account. At this time of year, it can be a great weight off your children’s shoulders to gift them a car payment, rent payment or just the gift of extra cash at the end of the year. Another gift for your children's future might be to set up a retirement account in their name. This is also a great way to boost the security of their future in a loving manner.


Do you remember that amazing concert you went to as a family? Or the Broadway play you splurged on? Maybe it was a quilt you made when your child was much younger. We bet they remember this beautiful memory too. A fabulous way transform a treasured memory into an actual keepsake is to frame this moment and gift it during the holidays.


You’ve been listening - you know that your child is deep into her yoga practice and loves to attend every Saturday morning when she isn’t at work. Why not show your support by purchasing items that she can use towards her hobby? Such as a yoga mat, an outfit to wear to class, or class passes to use at the studio.

Whether it’s yoga or photography - you can find a bundle of gifts that support your child’s passion and helps him or her grow into the hobby.


Can’t think of anything material to give? The best things in life are often experiences. Contemplate what the best family vacation or a day trip would look like and gift your family tickets to experience something amazing together. You’ll be talking about your trip for many seasons to come!


Perhaps you want to give your loved ones something they would not buy for themselves. This might be an authentic leather handbag, a strand of pearls, or a designer wallet. This gift could also be a tailored to suit for your children’s jobs or upcoming interview processes. One might also consider giving a family heirloom now that your children are old enough to understand the value and care it takes to possess such timeless pieces.

Whichever gift item you choose, we hope this list has provided you with ideas to begin your search for the perfect gifts this holiday season. Here’s to a merry season and a Happy New year!

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