There’s no question that moving can be stressful. You’re packing up your life and trying to fit it into boxes, then taking it somewhere brand new. For however stressful this process is for humans, it can be ten-fold for your pets that can’t always understand what’s happening. Your pets are a part of your family and the official move, so keep them in mind during the transition. Here’s how to make your move stress free for your pets from Beltline and Security Stor-All.

Acclimate Them to a Crate

If you’re going to be moving far away then chances are your pet will have to be in a crate at some point. If they’re not used to this mode of transportation or boarding, then bring a crate out a few times a week before moving. Have them stay in it for a couple of hours at a time or to sleep at night. This will make the moving day less stressful since they’re used to the crate and know you’ll eventually let them out.

Keep Them Occupied During Packing

When it comes time to start moving boxes out, things can be hectic. This can be just as crazy for your pet that doesn’t understand why all the things they know are disappearing. With the door open as you come in and out, it’s an opportune time for them to bolt outside. Instead, keep them occupied in a secure area. Stock it with food and water and let movers know not to enter that room/area.

Board During Unpacking

When you finally arrive at your new home, there will be a lot of moving parts. Since your pet will be in unfamiliar territory as it is, don’t let them get overly stressed during this confusing time period. Try to find a local pet sitter or boarder to take care of your buddy while you get life settled.

Check for Pet Dangers in Your New Home

Before bringing them into their new home, make sure it’s ready for pets. If the backyard has a fence, check that there are no holes. Add in a doggy door if necessary and remove all wires and carpeting that can be a nuisance to your fur-friend. This is their new home as well so make it welcoming.

Gradually Introduce Them to Their New Space

If you’re only moving across town, try to walk your pet through the neighborhood before moving. Take them into the house if allowed and let them look around. This way things won’t be a shock when you do make the move. Once you’re finally in your new home, bring them back from the sitter to some sense of familiarity by introducing them into a room that has the same furniture. Once the bedroom or kitchen is finished, let them roam around. Doing this gradually will allow them to take things in on their own time and avoid skittishness.

Keep I.D. Up to Date

Once in a new place, your pet could run off trying to search for something they recognize. Make sure all tags and I.D.’s are up to date with any new numbers or addresses so you can get your friend home safe and sound sooner.

The one constant for your pets through this entire process will be you. Make sure your pet realizes you’re still there for them and will be there no matter the house. Keeping up with walk times, feeding times and play times can give them a sense of comfort during an otherwise hectic time. Keep this in mind along with these tips on how to make your move stress free for your pets from Beltline and Security Stor-All.

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