Modern U.S. self-storage units offer unprecedented security for items of monetary and personal value. Although the industry has not yet become widespread outside of the U.S., no other mainstream source of storage has proven to be as reliable as the self-storage industry. Renters have complete freedom to arrange their chosen containers within the space provided. With a considerate eye, valuables can be protected and preserved for whatever length of time is required. Here are seven tips to ensure your goods stay fresh on the inside while we protect them on the outside.

Following cataclysmic disasters, self-storage users have expressed satisfaction with how intact their valuables have remained.

Arrange large items on the outside

Approach every unit like it’s a very secure pillow fortress. Careful consideration of which items you are placing into which parts of the unit can be managed based on a few simple principles. Start with a frame, such as bookshelves and couches, then try to reserve items which do not easily fit into the new space for the center of your construction.

Labels matter

Labeling is expediency. Maybe you want to buckle down your items for years of preservation or just quickly give them a place to stay during a life transition. Knowing where everything is located will ensure you arrange things appropriately, which will add to the integrity and confidence of your unit.

Preserve the unit’s interior

Use plastics and pallets, throw rugs, bubble wraps, old mattresses or anything that can prevent scratches to items or the unit itself. Insulate the environment to preserve both the unit and your valuables.

Use a stretch wrap

Stretch wraps keep everything in place, yet they still allow room for quick rearrangement. Although stretch wraps work splendidly on their own, in combination with palettes they’re just one dolly away from forming the most efficient A-team on the market.

Use the right containers

When you can, use plastic containers instead of cardboard containers, although cardboard boxes are a fantastic way to store items on a budget. If you do use cardboard, make sure any liquid items are well secured. Metal containers are the most secure mainstream receptacle for valuables.

Spic and span should be your plan

Moisture and mildew will corrode just about anything, as will dirt and grime over time. The more time you spend preserving your items beforehand, the longer they will last.

Lock it

Self-storage users choose their own locks, so it is on you to choose a good one. Although our company offers a high level of security, there is no space in the world invulnerable to robbery, and what ultimately comes between a robber and your valuables is the quality of the lock you purchase. If you can, use a lock that can prevent any kind of breach by bolt cutters.Following cataclysmic disasters, self-storage users have expressed satisfaction with how intact their valuables have remained. Along with security, self-storage companies offer a higher level of privacy than any other containment provider, and along with that privacy comes independence.

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