New Year's Resolution For Your Home

Every January, gyms are full, fast food restaurants lose a little business, and health food stores are packed. We all know that a few resolutions help us become better people. Applying those same ideas to your home means that you could see a better home at the end of 2017. Here are a few ideas, and you will see the benefits of each category.



Set up the schedule now for your inspections of your heating, air, plumbing, electrical, and energy. Having those items crossed off your list will motivate you to get in gear with the rest of your goals. Also, be sure that as the inspections are completed, you schedule or plan to do the suggested work to be proactive.

Be sure that you set a few goals which can be achieved easily, then strive to check them off.


Pick one or two projects that you feel can be completed in 2017. It is easier to make progress when you set smaller goals each year than biting off the whole renovation. If you have been planning to paint the laundry room, but it never gets done, put it as your priority for this year. Plan a second project to follow, but don’t put a financial burden or time burden on getting it done. A holiday weekend is a great time for a small project. Keeping the home fresh is easy if you attack one small job at a time.


Nothing makes a home weary and dreary like clutter. Tackle your home one area at a time, even one shelf or drawer at a time, and work your way through your home this year. You will be amazed at how good this one step will make you feel.


Take the time to save money. Find a few small items that you can check off your list that will save you money this year on your energy bill. Wrap the water heater in insulation, add a drip system to water your plants or garden, change out that one window that seems to be really drafty, or plant a windbreak to shelter the house.


Take time to check your mortgage and insurance rates. Can you save a few interest rate points? Give your homeowner’s insurance a check-up to be sure you are completely covered and at appropriate rates.


Pick one area that could use an update and make plans to get it done. Whether it is a new area or one that simply needs to be refreshed, you will love the new look. The excitement created by one weekend of work will flow into the rest of your year, and you will find that you enjoy your home again.Being able to accomplish a list of goals is to be commended. But as with our personal resolutions, sometimes we overwhelm ourselves. Be sure that you set a few goals which can be achieved easily, then strive to check them off. Next year, build on your accomplishments this year, and see where you will be in five or ten years if you continue to build on your progress.

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